Review: Houseparty raises the bar for video chatting expectations

Review: Houseparty raises the bar for video chatting expectations

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Hannah Farmer

Do you enjoy video chatting, but wish there was some way you could FaceTime with multiple friends? Well, now there is. Houseparty brings video chatting to a whole new level.    

Right before Christmas break, students at David City High School discovered a new trending app: Houseparty. Houseparty is similar to Apple’s FaceTime where you can video chat with your friends and family, however, it allows you to video chat with up to eight people at one time.

Allowing users to chat with several friends at a time and letting them know when someone is on the app are the basics of Houseparty. When you enter the app, your friends will get a notification that says you’re “in the house”. If you are on Houseparty and you want to talk to one of your friends who aren’t on at the time, you can simply notify them that you want to talk to them by pressing the little hand icon by their name. These features alone are executed very well throughout the app.

One thing to be aware of when using Houseparty is if your friend invites you to join, but there is another person in the chat you don’t even know, you could be at risk. Thankfully, Houseparty does a good job of notifying you before you join with an alert that says “stranger danger” and asks you if you still want to join the chat.

Houseparty is a very easy app to use and is self-explanatory. The design of the app is also organized in a neat and simple manner. The basic layout of Houseparty  is to swipe left to video chat with friends who are on the app, tap the upper right icon to add friends, swipe the top down to view your friends and to add more, and access the settings using the icon in the upper left hand corner.

After I downloaded Houseparty I knew I didn’t make a mistake. I now use this app on a daily basis and find it very helpful to stay in touch with my long-distance friends. If  you haven’t tried out the app, I recommend you go download it now. Houseparty is now available for free in the Apple app store and is currently in the Beta phase for Google Play.