Konner M. and Alesha R. lead cross country team with medals in first two meets


Photo by Kasey S.

Coach Bob Unger discusses the results from the Scotus Invite while also explaining what the team will accomplish in practice. The whole cross country team (including the middle school) starts practice with a short jog followed by some calisthenics and stretching to get warmed up before breaking apart and running set distances at different paces.

Jonah S.

Low participant numbers and early injuries have created a challenging season for the Scout cross country team, leaving team leaders, senior  Konner M., and junior Alesha R. to carry the team through the season’s ups and downs.

The Scouts are looking to improve times and build team strength as they prepare for the heart of their season. Konner M. and junior Wesley U. are the top two runners for the boys’ team, leaving senior Viktor J., juniors Trent D. and Lester P., and freshman Seth S. to battle for the remaining varsity spots.

On the girls’ team, injury has put an obstruction on one of the teams key runners: junior Alexi S. That leaves senior Sarah M., juniors Alesha R., Megan H., and Morgan R., and sophomore Natalie S., to battle for the varsity spots. The girls push each other to constantly get better, in order to fill Alexi’s spot along with the rest of the varsity spots.

“They [Konner M., Wesley U., Alesha R., and Alexi S.] are all very dependable in doing what I ask of them, consistently giving hard work and effort in practice and during races,” Coach Bob Unger said.

The Scouts latest meet was at the Scotus Central Catholic Invite on Sept. 18, at Scotus’ Lutjelusche Course North of Columbus,. The Scouts were unable to medal anyone, but they still ran well in the hot and hilly conditions. This was their third meet of the season, after previously competing at East Butler and Schuyler.

The East Butler meet was held on Sept. 8, at Timber Point. This course was full of hills, rough terrain, and many turns. To go along with these challenges, it was hot, humid, and muddy throughout the course.

“The East Butler meet has been the toughest meet so far,” senior Konner M. said. “There are a lot of really tough hills, and it drains your legs really fast because the ground is so rocky and rough.”

At East Butler, Konner M. medaled 6th finishing at 19:21, followed by Wesley U. who medaled 14th with a time of 20:44, and Lester P. rounded off the boys medalers with a finish of 15th at 20:49. The boys’ team overall placed fourth out of five teams.

The girls were led by Alesha R., who medaled 9th with a time of 25:29, She was the only one who medaled, but Natalie S. placed 18th and Sarah M. placed 29th.

At their first meet at Schuyler on Sept. 4, the Scouts were once again led by Konner M. and Alesha R. Konner M. medaled 9th with a time of 19:10, and Alesha R. medaled 15th with a time of 25:03. They were the only two medalists.

Both teams have shown improvements, placing more individuals as the season has gone on. Coach Unger said he is optimistic about both teams as they get closer to Districts. The team will not see more than half of their district opponents prior to the district meet due to most of the teams being further west in the state.

“If our top three boys train and compete as they are capable, and our fourth runner is within two minutes of them, who knows what can happen?” coach Unger said. “We can at least dream of getting to State as a team.”

The Scouts have three more meets prior to Conference  and Districts. One of the three meets is at the Aquinas Invitational on Oct. 2. This meet is their last meet before Conference which is held on Oct. 9, at Tri County. Districts will be held on Oct. 16, but is undeclared where.