Little Explorers Basketball Camp: The ladder to becoming a future Scout

Will Kuhlman watches his shot as Crew Ferg is driving in for a layup. Both children participated in last year's Little Explorers Camp.

Cassie Navrkal

The Little Explorers Basketball Camp hosted by Head Girls Basketball Coach Nathan Wall was held Sat., Dec. 10 from 9 to 10 a.m. for future Scouts, ages walking to preschool.

Wall has organized this camp for two years in David City and one previous year in Meridian. He wants to bring the culture of family to David City Public Schools and catch children early to help them fall in love with the game of basketball sooner.

“I would like our really young kids to develop a love for basketball and sports in general,” Wall stated. “I also want to bring families together and show them spending a Saturday morning with your kid or kids is a great way to spend the morning.”

Some of the girls and boys basketball players were at the camp to teach the kids defensive and offensive drills. The youngsters also learned the girls’ bench cheers as well as how to do carpet pushers and other agility drills. Sophomore Eli Alvarado and freshman Vivian Palencia helped the kids with ball handling.

“I want to help the kids get a better concept on basketball and show them how fun it is to play the sport,” Alvarado said. “I also get to say that I got to contribute to helping them.”

Not only did the future Scouts learn from the high school players, but the high schoolers also learned patience from the children.  The camp helpers had to come up with ways to entertain the kids in order to maintain their attention.

“I learned how to work better with the younger kids and how to teach to their level,” Palencia stated.

Between the girls and boys Varsity games that night, the future Scouts showed off their skills. They were allowed to shoot for ten minutes after Coach Wall directed the kids through the defensive slide skills. At the conclusion of the skills showcase, each participant received a medal.

Coach Wall plans to continue to host the Little Explorers Basketball Camp annually.