November 2016 Students of the Month

Scoop Staff


Seventh grade: Emily Johnson is the daughter of Eric and Rachael Johnson. She has four siblings and has another little sister on the way. Emily is actively involved in volleyball, basketball, softball, and track. Outside of school, Emily likes to spend most of her free time playing with her siblings outside.

When Emily found out she was chosen as Student of the Month, she was happy and proud of herself. Emily thinks that she was considered Student of the Month because she helps everyone inside and outside of the classroom.

  • What are you most thankful for this year? My family
  • What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Being with family and eating food


Eighth grade: Maya Couch is the daughter of Courtney and Heather Couch of David City. She has an older sister, Olivia, and younger sister, Avery. Maya is involved in volleyball, basketball, and track. When she isn’t at a school event or practice, she enjoys relaxing at home.

“I consider myself to be a good person because I’m very happy and energetic.” Maya said. “I say hello to people in the hall, and I give them high fives. I say nice things but give constructive criticism when needed. I know people lean on my shoulder when they need it.”

Maya believes she was chosen to be Student of the Month because she steps up in class and does what needs to be done. She does what the teacher wants and asks politely of people to do what she wants them to do. Maya is extremely happy to be chosen as a Student of the Month as she knows it’s a big honor.

  • What are you most thankful for this year? I am most thankful for having the teachers I have this year and all they taught me.
  • What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? My most favorite part about Thanksgiving is getting to see my cousins as they are the funnest cousins I will always know.


Freshman: Spencer Allen is the son of Heather and Darrell Allen of David City. He has one younger brother, Stanley.  Activities Spencer is involved in include football, wrestling, FFA, and FCA. He also plays the piano and saxophone. Outside of school, Spencer likes to spend time at athletic practices, work on homework, and tinker on various projects.

When Spencer found out he was selected as the freshman Student of the Month, he said he was very pleased. He thinks he was chosen because of his hard working skills in the classroom and his effort to make sure things are perfect.

“I do my best to be courteous and respectful to my teachers and peers,” Spencer said. “I take pride in maintaining good grades, and I work as hard as I can in the classroom and after school in athletics.”

  • What are you most thankful for this year? I am thankful for all of the fun opportunities that I have had to keep busy.
  • What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? I really enjoy meeting with family that I don’t see too often. I also enjoy the foods that usually are only served this time of year.


Sophomore: Laurel Ockander is the daughter of Sara and Jarod Ockander of David City. Laurel has one younger sister, Lydia. Laurel is involved in many activities inside and outside of school including FFA, Speech, One-Act, Band, and Job’s Daughters. Laurel is helpful, friendly, and kind, which are some qualities she feels make her a good person.

When Laurel first found out she was selected as the sophomore Student of the Month, she was thankful her teachers gave her the honor. Laurel feels she was considered for Student of the Month because she tries her hardest in school and cares about everyone. In her free time, Laurel likes spending time with her friends and family.

  • What are you most thankful for this year? All the support from family and friends in all I do.
  • What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Enjoying a great meal with my family.


Junior: Cole Martinez is the son of Carol Martinez and George Martinez and lives in the country near Ulysses. He also has an eighth grade sister named Kylie. Cole is an active participant in FCCLA and marching band, but also takes part in 4-H outside of school.

When not putting in his time at school, you can often find Cole with his family and friends. His experiences in organizations he participated in is what he feels helped him become a good leader to a variety of people. When he found out he was Student of the Month, he recalled being excited to be chosen again and felt honored.

  • What are you most thankful for this year? For all the opportunities in my life. I can travel and am a state officer and can help others, so I’d say the opportunities.
  • What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Food. I eat at home, and it’s important to be around family. I see a lot of family I don’t typically see.


Senior: Kennedy Hecker is the daughter of Mike and Laura Smith of David City. She has four older siblings: Kirby, Rebecca, Melanie, and Ty, and two younger step-siblings, Zach and Zoe. Kennedy likes to stay involved in school by participating in activities, clubs, and organizations such as Cheerleading, STAY-U, and BBYC.

Outside of school, Kennedy works at Didier’s Grocery Store in David City. She enjoys spending her free time watching One Tree Hill or Grey’s Anatomy. Kennedy also enjoys hanging out with friends. Some exceptional qualities Kennedy said she possesses include being a reliable and honest person that people can depend on and ask for help.

Kennedy said she likes to show her leadership qualities inside the classroom by helping others with any problems on their assignments or anything they are struggling with. Outside the classroom, she likes to get involved with volunteer work and community activities.

  • What are you most thankful for this year? Being able to spend so much time around my friends and family.
  • What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Eating a lot of food.