National Cluster Meeting expands FCCLA members participation

Courtesy Photo
Junior Cole Martinez stands alongside of fellow FCCLA members after receiving first in Star Event “Interior Design Sketch.” Martinez is the current DCHS Chapter president.

Kasey Stallbaum

David City High School FCCLA Chapter members took a trip to Denver on Nov. 4-6 to attend the 2016 National Cluster Meetings.

Members who attended included juniors Cole Martinez and Isabel Small, sophomore Sidney Soukup, freshmen Anton Grapevine and Bryanna McAuley, and seventh grader Kennen Robinson.

“FCCLA National Cluster Meetings give FCCLA members from across the country the opportunity to come together to attend program workshops, leadership sessions, and compete in STAR events,” FCCLA sponsor Tonya Zegers said.

Students Taking Action with Recognition (STAR) Events, are competitive events in which members are recognized for their achievements within the chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation.

This year Robinson participated in the three years old and up division of the STAR Event Toys That Teach. He made an “I spy” bottle from his own creativity. Also competing in an event was Grapevine, who took part in the Consumer Math Challenge.

Small placed second in her STAR Event, The Early Childhood Development Test. Martinez also came home with a first place medal in the Interior Design Sketch Competition.

“I competed in Interior Design Sketch, which was a competitive event in which I had 30 minutes to draw an interior design sketch of a room using the scenario they provided to me,” Martinez said. “After drawing my sketch, I had to give a five minute impromptu speech to three judges explaining why I chose the layout and how I used the elements of design while designing the room. I placed first.”

Other members spent their time in Denver listening to different speakers with inspirational stories.

“In the closing session the speaker gave the scenario ‘how would you imagine your life without someone?’ Her story was about how she watched her sister die from getting into a car with a stranger,” McAuley said. “Her ending message was never get into a car with someone you’re not safe driving with and those words stuck with me.”

Members who attended also learned a lot of information that could be taken back to the rest of their FCCLA group. The weekend ended with students returning to David City with the knowledge and memories that the FCCLA National Cluster Meeting promoted.

“I thought this past weekend was a great opportunity for us to learn important information that will help us better our FCCLA chapter,” Soukup said. “We attended workshops and heard from speakers which taught us some valuable things that will be helpful in the future. Events like that are a great way to meet new people from different places who enjoy the same thing you do, FCCLA.”