Trump looks to “Make America Great Again”

Trump looks to “Make America Great Again”

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Hannah Farmer

Republican Donald J. Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election on Tues., Nov. 8.  

The results of the presidential election took many by surprise.

I was definitely surprised with the outcome,” social studies teacher Lisa Bales commented. “I thought it would be closer, and I did not expect so many swing states to go to Trump. What a crazy election from start to finish!”

According to the polls taken the day before the election, Clinton was expected to win.  Even though Clinton won the most popular votes, Trump won the most electoral votes.

Three main debates occurred before the presidential election.  Most of the debates resulted in Clinton bashing Trump and vice versa.  However, there were some noteworthy topics discussed upon during these debates, including economy, taxes, terrorism, and immigration.  

As we have elected our new president, everyone is questioning what will happen next.

“I honestly don’t know,” social studies teacher Anthony Ferg said. “I will continue to trust in our elected officials to make the best decisions for their constituents and trust in our democratic process.  I believe that our Democracy is still strong.  I do know that our country is more divided than ever before, but as Americans, we must come together and support our President, even if you disagree with his policies and plans. Our country cannot progress if there is a divide.  Trust in the government and our elected officials.”