Review: Panda Express brings flavor to the area

Shown in the picture is Orange Chicken, Chow Mein, and String Bean Chicken Breast. Panda Express has a variety of foods to choose from.

Madisen Paulson

David City is a typical small town with very few options for eating. Living next to a city just thirty minutes away provides a wider variety of tastier foods. Let’s face it, the Chinese restaurants in Columbus are not the best. Luckily, that all changed when Panda Express came to town.

Panda Express is a fast and casual restaurant serving American Chinese food. When you walk into Panda Express, you are greeted by friendly faces from the workers.

A variety of different places to sit are available and the service is exceptionally fast and friendly. Customers select their meal from the food bar, providing them with a speedy service.

When ordering your food, you have the option of getting a plate, which is one side with two entrees, a bigger plate which is one side with three entrees, or even a bowl which is one side and one entree.

From filling your plate to it almost overflowing, you don’t have to worry about wasting your money. The options are endless. You could go for something sweet, such as SweetFire Chicken. Or if you like something a little spicier, you could go for the Orange Chicken. Appetizers are also a good option. They have chicken and vegetable eggrolls, cream cheese rangoons, and even crispy shrimp, just to name a few.  

Workers create a happy environment to be in. They will give you options on what the food tastes like by allowing you to sample it if you want to make sure you are going to like it.

I think that Panda Express is here to stay and is going to continue to grow and improve for years to come.

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