Dinner’s On Us offers college insight to seniors, parents


Renee Backstrom

In an effort to promote higher education, DCHS Guidance Counselor Brenda Siffring put up a board to show off the colleges seniors have applied to. Siffring has also spoken to seniors periodically throughout the year to make them aware of available college opportunities.

Renee Backstrom

Surely everyone loves getting free food, right? What if parents and seniors could get free food and college help all in one night? That is what happens at Dinner’s On Us.

Dinner’s On Us is a program for David City High School seniors and their parents to learn about financial aid, scholarships, college programs, etc. Before they dive into all of that, parents and students receive a “home cooked” meal.

“The goal is to keep parents and students informed on what needs to be done during the senior year,” DCHS Guidance Counselor Brenda Siffring said.

This is the third year that help has been given to DCHS. EducationQuest has one meeting a year to talk about the financial aid process and how to complete the FAFSA.

“I think it is a great way to help seniors and their parents with the college seeking process,” Assistant Principal Chad Fuller said. “It is especially useful for first generation college goers to help answer questions. They can come relax and eat. It also provides networking possibilities for parents. For me personally, it allows me to get to know families more, and I enjoy the opportunity to volunteer.”

Dinner’s On Us is not just a one person job. Helping Siffring and Fuller with the meals are also the culinary arts classes and Tonya Zegers, Amy Backstrom, Teri Messerer, Meagan Lasiter, and Pam Schmid.

“Meeting wise, I feel like it is good information to know,” Lasiter said. “It is good service to the community. Helping others is important to me so that is why I volunteered to help serve.”

When meetings are held, all senior parents are welcome to attend to get help with any questions they may have or any information they might not already know.

“I believe that parents gain information that they might not hear otherwise. The college application process and financial aid process can be overwhelming, so learning about the steps involved helps parents and students feel more comfortable,” Siffring said. “We don’t want students not going to college because they weren’t sure how to proceed through the steps.”