Classroom switch benefits both Spanish and history teachers


Photo by Nicole B.

Spanish teacher Teri Messerer points to her word of the week, along with her question of the day for each of her classes. This section of the board is something new Messerer has added this year due to the large amount of board space she now has in her new classroom.

Nicole B., Co-Editor

Spanish teacher Teri Messerer and history teacher Tom VanWinkle traded classrooms this school year, bringing both positive and negative outcomes to their new classroom environments.

A majority of the student body assumed the reasoning for this change was so the two high school history teachers, VanWinkle and Amp Ferg, could have classrooms right next to each other. Surprisingly, this was just an added benefit to the real purpose.

The school felt there was a need for a Spanish-speaking professional closer to the office in case visitors have questions or concerns and would like to speak Spanish. If translation is necessary, Messerer is now right next door to the office.

Messerer and VanWinkle have found mixed results in their new classroom habitats.

“Positives are having another social studies teacher close by to which we can share teaching methodology and bounce concepts and methods off one another,” VanWinkle said. “Negatives? There are a lot more flies in room 106 than there are in room 210.”

Last year, a large mural was painted on Messerer’s wall by 2014 graduate Cora N., junior Macy G., and sophomore Josh S. for an artproject. Sadly, when Messerer received the news that she would be moving classrooms, she knew that she would have to say goodbye to her new mural.

Moving into Messerer’s old room, VanWinkle has covered about half the mural with a large cabinet. Astonishingly, VanWinkle said he really enjoys the presence of the mural.

“It is glorious. Glorious! Whenever I need a little pick up in my day, I look over my right shoulder at Don Quixote,” VanWinkle said.

Although Messerer was unhappy she was leaving her large mural, she has replaced it with a much smaller version in a picture frame on her wall. Messerer also painted her walls to add color to her room and brighten things up.

“Honestly, the more I’ve been up here, the more I’ve liked it and the more positives I’ve found. I guess the initial negative was I just had those art students paint that mural, so it was kind of disappointing to leave that. But, [I’m] glad that Mr. VanWinkle didn’t paint over it, that was nice,” Messerer said.