My life, my choice, drug free

DCHS students show off their Red Ribbon Week spirit by wearing red on Thurs., Oct. 27. These students helped spread the word for a drug-free lifestyle.

Macy Svoboda, Co-Editor

The David City High School Stay-U members sponsored multiple activities throughout Red Ribbon week from Oct. 23-31 to help other students pledge to be drug free.

Before the week even started, some of the members put ribbons on all the entrance doors around the school, letting all students and faculty know Red Ribbon Week was coming.

To officially start the week, Stay-U members put red ribbons on all the cars around the school. The students also decorated the sidewalks with sidewalk chalk to help get the word out in a more colorful way. Every day of the week during announcements there was a fact about Red Ribbon Week as well as many posters hung throughout the school.

To continue the drug free message, students were encouraged to attend a meeting and help pledge to be drug free. Every student who attended the meeting also received an ice cream bar.

“I think it’s very important for students to participate because it means that they are getting the message, and it’s also really fun to participate in school activities,” senior Stay-U member Destiny Grapevine said.

Not only did the Stay-U members try reaching out to students, they also brought in people from the Butler County Sheriff’s Department. Two members of the sheriff’s department brought beer goggles, allowing students to see and feel how drugs and drinking can impair them.

Many students kept working to spread the word for a drug free life. Stay-U members went to the David City Elementary on Oct. 27, wearing red, showing their support for a drug-free lifestyle. The students helped assist Tricia Romshek, the Bellwood and David City elementary counselor, in her lessons regarding Red Ribbon Week.

On Fri.,Oct. 28, Red Ribbon Week continued as students were encouraged to attend the volleyball game that night against East Butler, wearing white for a White-Out. Students who attended were then given glow sticks and necklaces to wear and show their Scout spirit.

Although the school week ended, the drug free life continues. Many student-athletes are being asked to participate in “Always in Uniform.” Students will dress up in their sports’ uniforms to have their pictures taken for a banner that will showcase a drug free lifestyle.

“I think the most effective part was having the high school members meet with the elementary 4-6 graders to describe what STAY-U is about and answer questions posed by the students,” Stay-U sponsor Amy Sander said.