DCHS invests in safety buckets


Photo by Kasey S.

Located in English teacher Ainslee Kroenke’s classroom, this orange safety bucket is filled with products to ensure student safety. Ready to be used in any situation, the bucket contains two water bottles, a first-aid kit, a mylar blanket, toilet paper, a deck of cards, and a trash bag.

Kasey S.

They’re new, they’re orange, they’re big, and they’re in all your classrooms, but do not be alarmed for they are here for your safety. Now what are these orange things that are all around? They are the orange safety buckets, one of the many new additions brought to DCHS this school year.

During a meeting, the safety committee decided that the orange safety buckets should be established as a precautionary measure. Superintendent Chad Denker put in the effort to get the buckets and collect ideas about what the buckets should contain.

In situations where a person or class might be stranded in a classroom, the orange safety buckets can be put to use. This includes a lockdown situation, an incident where you are trapped in your room because of a building collapse, or a time when there may be dangerous setting in the hallway.

“They are one of those things you hope to never use or need but are good to have,” high school math teacher Amy Backstrom said.

The buckets contain a rechargeable flashlight, bottled water, a mylar blanket, toilet paper, a first-aid kit, and a deck of cards. Teachers also have the freedom to add whatever they think they want or need to them.

Each classroom is now equipped with an orange safety bucket. The buckets can also be found in the Media Center, office, or any other locations that students or staff could be stranded.