Classroom renovations improve functionality


Photo by Carmen M.

College English teacher Jami Olson utilizes the new televisions to receive and broadcast her classes. Renovations to the classroom were completed over the summer.

Carmen M.

Room 204, previously used as another computer lab, was renovated over the summer to accommodate college courses and English language learning classes.

Originally, the room had built-in counters, and it wasn’t very spacious. Due to the renovations, the room can now be used as an actual classroom.

Two large counters and two walls that had the computers in them were removed. New carpeting was put in and two large TVs were added. The televisions are used to broadcast and receive classes during distance learning courses. There are also six tables with chairs for the students.

“Before, there was no effective way to use the space in that room. Now, it’s a functional classroom, so it’s a big improvement based on the needs we have,” Principal Cortney Couch said.

In previous years, students have had to walk across the street to the preschool for certain classes, but with the small lab being made into a classroom, they no longer have to.

“I like it because I don’t have to walk across the street, especially when it’s raining or snowing,” junior Elizabeth B. said.

The classes that are held in room 204 are dual credit college English, dual credit public speaking, and ELL classes.