Students strive to follow something bigger than social media trends

Olivia Couch

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, commonly known as FCA, is one of the many organizations adopted by those at David City High School. Their goal? To not only better the athletes with important lessons, but also develop in their faith.

“FCA is a great experience to be a part of, and it’s something that will change your life,” eighth grader Maya Couch said.

Meeting every Wednesday evening at 6:30, the members typically gather in Spanish Teacher Teri Messerer’s room. Each meeting is unique in many ways, leaving those who attend anything but bored. The group usually provides dinner for those who want it or are just getting out of practice to come. Typically the lesson’s purpose is to motivate through a situation that the athlete may face.

You may believe FCA is just like a typical church service, but I can assure you it’s far from it. Students often undergo various activities, all relating to the topic at hand, in a way that each student finds easy to enjoy and understand. Not to mention there is a new song every week that students can’t help but find catchy and have in their head the rest of the day.

“We gather for many reasons: to work out together what it means to be followers of Jesus, to encourage one another, to challenge one another, to grow in our faith, to share our struggles, to celebrate, and to seek.  I think one great thing about FCA is that no matter where you’re at in your faith, you’re welcome.” Messerer said.

FCA also hosts many different events. One of these include “See You at the Flag.” For this event, students gathered before school hours, enjoyed some breakfast, and then circled around the flagpole to pray. They spoke about the well-being of the school, community, and even individual problems. The event takes place all around the world for the same purpose, and it usually lasts about an hour during the morning of September 28.

Another main event that is hosted by FCA is a gathering called Fields of Faith. This gathering typically takes place on the football field unless the weather is not permitting. Each year, a new speaker comes to speak to not only those at DCHS, but anyone who chooses to come. Many schools in the area are invited and encouraged to come to experience the powerful message given.

This year, former Husker player, Demoine Adams, came to share his Christian message. He explained how life was for him growing up and all of the things he overcame just to play for Nebraska. However, the lack of faith in him didn’t stop there. Adams recalls being constantly suppressed, and he always strove to fit in. He finally found acceptance in something he calls the ‘fitness table.’ The fitness table led him to believe that just because he was a football player, he could do anything. It was when he acquired a 1.69 GPA that he took a shot in the dark by joining a group called FCA. After joining the group, he stopped following the status quo and began to follow something bigger: The Lord.

“I would highly recommend joining FCA because it is empowering and it’s useful. After all, you can never get too close to God.” Couch said.

After becoming motivated and finding strength in not only himself but also his religion, his life began to improve. He was able to gain awards, acceptance from his teammates, overcome a stuttering disorder, and play professional ball. Now married with two kids, he explains how his life couldn’t be better. He told the students that if they were to follow something on social media, it should be to better themselves. They should follow with the purpose of becoming a leader. After the encouraging message, Adams was glad to take many pictures with those who wanted one, and he left the David City Auditorium with a mark. Looking at social media, you may now start to see Bible verses spreading as well as encouragement for others to believe in something bigger, and there are many ways to do so.

FCA has various opportunities for those who wish to strengthen their relationship with God. This includes events like Weekend of Champions, in which people from all across the state join together for a few days to celebrate God and his work. Price is never an issue, as they will also do all that they can to give you your own experience coming closer to God.

“One of my favorite things about FCA is the deep breath it is in the middle of an often-busy week. It’s a time to pause, refocus, recharge, and connect with others,” Messerer spoke on the group experience.