Scout runners push through cold winds, mud, and water

Courtesy Photo
All the DCHS runners are getting their final stretches and warm-ups done before beginning the race. Scouts came home with a score of 105 and placed fifth.

Macy Svoboda

The David City cross country team headed to Fillmore Central Oct. 6 for the Southern Nebraska Conference Invite.

DCHS cross country runners include junior Melvin Hernandez; sophomores Justin Escamilla, Carter Ossian, Noah Styskal, and Miles Svoboda; and freshmen Dalton Krause, Darin Hall, and Hunter McDonald. The team is coached by Kenny Eickmeier and Assistant Coach Matt Fowler.

Since the cross country team is nearing the end of their season, Coach Eickmeier has cut down their weekly mileage. He treated Conference like any other meet, preparing his runners just the same. Believing all his runners will peak closer to the end of the season, Eickmeier asked his runners to set a personal goal and achieve it the best they can.

I know we’ve been working hard during all our meets, and we all plan on pushing each other to get new personal records. One of our team goals is to have our top 4 runners run a 5k in under 20 minutes,” Ossian said.

The weather was cold, wet, and windy, causing another challenge the runners had to overcome. They did a great job and really rose above the cold, Eickmeier said.

The team came home fifth with a score of 102. Individually, Hernandez was the first runner finished for DCHS, earning the 13 rank with a time of 0:19:17. Behind Hernandez came Escamilla with a time of 0:20:40, followed by Ossian with a time of 0:20:42. Styskal finished with a time of 0:21:37, with Krause and Svoboda shortly behind, with times of 0:22:03 and 0:22:21.

“I think the season will end with everyone putting up their best times. The season has been fun, and I think the guys have been able to push themselves to get better,” Coach Eickmeier said. “The top three teams at Districts qualify for the State Meet in Kearney. That’s where I see us after the District meet.”

The District meet will take place on Thurs., Oct. 13 at the Albion golf course, starting at 5 p.m.