District welcomes new teachers

Kaylee P.

Emily Maresh

The high school welcomed physical education teacher Emily Maresh this school year. She will be teaching eighth grade physical education and high school fitness training. Maresh graduated from Peru State College and student taught at Auburn. Maresh said that she first became interested in teaching after being inspired by her father.

“I first became interested in teaching when I was very young,” Maresh said. “My dad is a teacher and he inspired me to become an educator. I have seen how many lives my dad has touched single handedly by teaching, and I want nothing more than to be half the teacher he is.”

Maresh came to David City after seeing a small school district with a position open.

“I always joked about teaching in a school the same size as the one I went to. David City had my position open as well as a head volleyball position open. I feel as this is a great fit for me,” Maresh said.

Laurel Valentine

The middle school English department welcomed Laurel Valentine from North Dakota State University.  Valentine started teaching in 1999, making this year her fifteenth year in the classroom. She has previously taught seventh and eighth grade English, computer applications, and high school vocal music.

Valentine taught for ten years in Wagner, South Dakota and four years in Falls City, Nebraska before coming to David City.

“We were looking for a small community with great values to raise our five kids,” Valentine said.

Valentine hopes to add to her classes by implementing daily writing activities along with wiki and blog responses.

Nathan Wall

Bellwood Attendance Center welcomed a new Title 1 teacher, Nathan Wall. Wall shared that this year he wants to bring growth in reading scores to his Title 1 students. Along with teaching, Wall will be the head girls’ basketball coach. He hopes to bring intensity, passion to compete, and attention to small details to girls’ basketball.

After graduating from Wayne State College in 2006, Wall began teaching at Wayne Elementary School where he taught for seven years and Meridian for one year before coming to David City.

While discussing coaching, Wall shared an interesting fact regarding his knowledge of Nebraska high school athletics.

“I can name every high school mascot,” Wall said.

Joy Woita

Joy Woita has joined the high school as the new life skills teacher. Woita graduated from Midland Lutheran College (now Midland University) in 1994 and the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2014 and has been teaching for 20 years. She previously taught music at Bellwood Attendance Center and Prague Public Schools before her interest in special education led her to take classes in that area of education.

“I became interested in Special Education after working for years with students who have special needs,” Woita said. “I have also given private lessons to students with special needs, and it is exciting to watch them grow.”

Kenny Eickmeier

Kenny Eickmeier joins the district this year as a full-time substitute. Eickmeier graduated from Wayne State College. He has prior experience at DCHS, substituting for various teachers in previous years.

“I became interested in teaching because I wanted to help kids succeed,” Eickmeier said. “A full-time substitute has the opportunity to work with many different kids.”

Eickmeier said that this year, now being in the district full time, he is most excited to see all the new faces.

Lyshelle Nygren

Lyshelle Nygren joined Bellwood as the new preschool teacher after completing her student teaching there. Nygren graduated from Wayne State College.

Nygren said she has wanted to be a teacher since she was a child. She chose to become a preschool teacher because she enjoys the fun and silliness with the young students.

“The little ones are always so full of life and funny,” Nygren said. “I love to be silly and make up songs about things. Preschoolers are at the age when me being silly is funny to them.”