Review: Smart Rooms requires teamwork, problem-solving skills

Review: Smart Rooms requires teamwork, problem-solving skills

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Renee Backstrom

Think. The setting is the 1930’s, and someone has cracked the code to a serious predicament. You are trapped in a room, and the only way to get out is to solve a multitude of clues. In one hour, you either get out or the man comes and kills you.

This is the basis for the escape room, Smart Rooms, located in downtown Lincoln. There are many different escape rooms all over the country. The idea behind the escape room is to teach people teamwork in an entertaining manner.

What specifically is an escape room, you ask? It is a human adventure game where you are trapped in a room for a set time limit. In order to get out, participants must solve numerous puzzles that lead to other clues. Most escape rooms allow hints to be used if the team cannot solve a problem easily. At Smart Rooms, if you escape the room under the hour time limit you can be added to the leader board if you are in the top five.

Going into the escape room, I was very skeptical, but coming out after completing it, I am pleased I did. It seems so insane at first that you have to decode all these clues having no idea what you are trying to discover. After you start, you put pieces together in your brain and then it will all make sense.

When I went there with my team to work on problem solving and togetherness, we all worked together and were amused at the same time. The team almost passed it, but we couldn’t get the last digit number and, sadly, failed to complete in the hour given.

I highly recommend going to Smart Rooms or any escape room. It is not only thrilling, but it also makes your brain work, which is always satisfying. My advice is to remember to split up into smaller groups within your big group and write everything down that you have already solved. Maybe you could be the next one to escape Smart Rooms.