Column: Trump vs. Clinton: Views divided

Kasey Stallbaum

No matter where you go, it seems the talk of the nation is who will be the new president. It’s no surprise that this is a major controversy in the world at the moment because of the two candidates to choose from: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. When it comes to the choice of who to vote for, most people think that either way our nation is doomed. I agree.

Clinton’s approach on filling the role as president is the promise of change in the departments of budget and economy, along with national security. Her plan for budget and economy is to put into play a three-step program to boost economic growth, create fair growth, and to support long-term growth. By her doings, this means Clinton is going to lower tax rates for the lower and middle class, raise minimum wage to fifteen dollars, and change taxes among investments.

All this sounds good to some people, but the way I look at it is completely different. It may help those lower class people in the long run, but people in the upper class would then be making up for the loss of money, making it an unfair society. All-in-all, Clinton’s budget and economic plan doesn’t meet my standards of equality among every U.S. citizen, which can cause more problems. In addition, if minimum wage goes up, it will set the economy into change where the prices of goods and services are raised, and everything will become more expensive to make up for the wages bosses have to pay their employees.  

Everyone knows about Clinton’s spill of national emails, so tell me why in the world we would take her word on how she is going to fix our country’s national security? Clinton would combat terrorism with improved intelligence instead of troops. For example, agencies would use social media posts to identify terrorists. Visa applications would require full screenings for those who have traveled to terrorist countries. Operations officers and linguists would be added to U.S. intelligence agencies. What a shocker that the lady who deleted emails (a form of social media) would want to use the power of social media to help her national security plan.

I do not think Clinton is fit to run this country, but with that being said, I also do not think Trump should be in charge of this nation either. Trump’s campaign revolves mostly around the tax problem in the U.S., and as many people know and find irrelevant, his plan to build a wall.

Trump’s tax plan starts the same way as Clinton’s budget and economy plan does, reducing taxes from the middle class and raising those of the upper class. While their two plans consist of the same idea, the difference is that Trump plans to cut taxes for all income groups, while Clinton’s plan is a tax increase on selected income groups. Cutting back on everyone’s taxes will cause more debt for this country because taxes are the main source of the money it earns. Putting the nation into more debt can hurt our forces overseas by them not receiving the resources they need. It can also hurt the homeland side of things by putting a stop to government jobs and projects.

Trump also plans to change taxes among childcare, death, and business. This will help with individual issues among people, but again, it will not help the nation as a whole because it is eliminating a source of money.

Immigration reform is another issue Trump plans to fix. Planning to build a wall to keep immigrants out, Trump proposed that Mexico will pay for the wall, and that it will then create guard jobs. Illegals have been a problem area in the U.S. for a while, but that is only because people come here for a better life and cannot afford a green card. Instead of blocking out all access to our nation, Trump should enforce a more efficient and cheaper way to grant immigrants green cards. Building a wall is also pointless because it would be using resources and time that architects could be using on more promising projects.

The upcoming election will be an interesting one. The race is on to see who will become the next president. If I could vote this year, I still wouldn’t know who I’d choose. For those of you who are of age to make such a huge decision, I advise you to please vote wisely. Our future is soon to be in the hands of one of the two insane candidates.