Little Scouts “Try Everything” to cheer on the Scouts

The Little Kid’s Cheer and Dance participants start off the game showing off the cheers they learned. They performed the school’s fight song for the audience.

Macy Svoboda, Co-Editor

It’s the time of year again for the Little Kids’ Cheer and Dance Camp, put on by David City High School’s Cheer and Dance team. There were many changes this year with the camp, including the theme and song, which was to “Try Everything” from the movie Zootopia.

The camp occurred over a full week from Mon., Sept. 19 to Fri., Sept. 23. The camp participants gathered at the elementary cafeteria where camp was held everyday after school until 5 P.M.

Not only did the cheerleaders and dancers have to figure out the dance and cheers to teach the kids, they also had to help their cheer and dance coaches organize the camp to figure out what activities they did every day.

“We put 30+ hours into the camp before even starting, with meetings, designing the shirts, choreographing the dance, getting kids involved, registering everyone, and coming up with activities,” Cheer Coach Tiffany Heins said.

Throughout the week, the teams separated the kids into different groups according to their grade. Everyday during the camp, the older age groups walked over to the high school to work on their parts of the dance and cheers, while the younger kids stayed in the elementary.

This year, the older girls were taught some new cheers to push them more. Older kids learned the fight song, along with the “HEY” song this year. Learning newer and harder cheers is one way Heins felt would help develop their skills and give them another reason to come back next year.

Another change that was made this year compared to previous years, is that this year the little Scouts performed during football season on the field instead of during basketball season on the court.

“I am really happy about it being on the football field this year because there’s a lot more room for them to spread out, and it’s easier for the parents to see their kids,” senior Cheerleader Allie Ingwersen said.

On Friday, the little Scouts arrived to the football game ready to cheer on the Scout football team. During halftime, they performed their dance and showed all their friends and family what they learned throughout the week.