September 2016 Students of the Month

Scoop Staff


Seventh grade: Haden Forney is the son of Marcus and Angie Sibeken of Octavia and Lee and Mollie Forney of Columbus. He is the oldest of five. His siblings are Lakelyn Sibeken, Coagn Forney, Ian Forney, and Jack Forney. Haden is active in football, baseball, and track. Most of his free time is spent outside hanging with his best friends or playing catch with his stepdad. Haden feels that he’s a good person for helping out around the house and doing his chores.

When Haden first found out he was Student of the Month, he was proud and happy because he felt as if he accomplished some of his goals and that he was doing good in school. Haden believes he was chosen because he works hard and helps people in need. He’s also a leader because he is a good role model to younger kids, such as his siblings.

  • What is your favorite part about fall? Dressing up for Halloween and taking my sister to houses.
  • What are your thoughts about pumpkin-spiced items? I love the smell of pumpkin-spiced candles, and we always have pumpkin pie that my grandma makes and I eat it so she feels welcome.


Eighth grade: Payton Andel is the daughter of Russ and Jodi Andel of David City. She is the oldest of three, with siblings Barrett and Kambri. Payton is involved in FFA and middle school volleyball, basketball, and track. Outside of school, Payton likes to spend time with her family and friends.

Payton feels she is a leader in the classroom because she helps her classmates who need it or ask her questions. When she participates in sports outside of school, Payton leads her team by encouraging them, always communicating with them, and showing them how to have fun as well. She believes she was chosen for Student of the Month because she works hard and finishes what needs to be done.

  • What is your favorite part about fall? My favorite part of fall is definitely the weather; it’s not too hot and not too cold.  
  • What are your thoughts about pumpkin-spiced items? Anything pumpkin-spiced is delicious!


Freshman: Clayton Denker is the son of Chad and Chantel Denker of David City. He has two brothers: Caden and Cohen. Activities Clayton is involved in include football, track, band, Stay-U, FCA, Unity Council, and he is the freshman class president. Outside of school, Clayton likes to hang out with friends and volunteer at Redeemer Lutheran church.

When Clayton found out he was selected as the freshman Student of the Month, he said he was surprised and honored that others recognize his effort put into school and his overall character.

“I try to motivate others to give their best effort inside and outside the classroom,” Clayton said. “If I have a positive attitude and set a good example, I think others will follow.”

  • What is your favorite part about fall? Friday Night Lights. (Actually all levels of football: high school, college, and NFL.)
  • What are your thoughts about pumpkin-spiced items? The only thing I really have tasted and loved is pumpkin pie (with LOTS of cool whip).


Sophomore: Allie Daro is the daughter of Jessica Daro of David City. She has two younger siblings, Tre and Ava Daro. Allie is involved in many activities inside and outside of school including volleyball, basketball, track, Scoop, Platinum Dance, Stay-U, One-act hair and makeup, Stu-Co, Quiz bowl, FCA, and Desiree’s Dancers. She thinks she is a good leader because she’s nice, helpful, and she’s vocal about what needs to get done so she can do it right away.

When Allie found out she was Student of the Month, she was happy, especially since it’s the first month to get it this school year. She feels she was chosen for Student of the Month because of her grades, the amount of activities she’s in, and because she is friends with many people. Outside of school, she hangs out with her friends and goes to her activities outside of school.

  • What is your favorite part about fall? I like the weather and the food.
  • What are your thoughts about pumpkin-spiced items?  I like pumpkin desserts,rolls and pumpkin pie.


Junior: Jackson Hardin is the son of Jane and Rex Rehmer of David City. He is an active participant in Speech, One Act, and church-related activities such as choir and projection. Outside of school, Jackson is often found spending time with family or doing some volunteer work.

Upon finding out he was student of the month, Jackson was happy because he feels that it means he is doing something right. Jackson feels he earned this by being the person to help others with whatever they may need.

  • What is your favorite part about fall? I love the cooler weather and beautiful colors you see in the trees.
  • What are your thoughts on pumpkin-spiced items? It’s great during the fall, but not for the entire year.


Senior: Kylie Hascall is the daughter of Gary and Marilyn Hascall of David City. She has one older sister, Sam, who attends Wayne State College. Kylie likes to stay engaged in school by participating in activities, clubs, and organizations such as STAY-U, Quiz Bowl, Student Council, and marching/concert band. She is even vice president of National Honor Society and secretary of the senior class.

Outside the classroom, Kylie participates in the Columbus Community Jazz Orchestra. She said she spends her free time working at Dale’s here in David City and binge-watching Netflix. Kylie said she is in good standing with teachers and classmates, and she likes to help out other students in classes and activities.

Some of Kylie’s leadership qualities include her strong desire to get things done, work ethic, and stepping up if she needs to, she said.

“I was glad that my some of my teachers think highly enough of me to nominate me for this award,” Kylie said.

  • What is your favorite part about fall? The leaves changing colors.
  • What are your thoughts on pumpkin-spiced items? I hate pumpkin-spice.