Softball bounces back after extra-inning heartbreaker

Senior Kaylyn Dubbs waits for the right pitch when up to bat. Dubbs was recently cleared to play again after recovering from an ankle injury from summer softball.

Becca Meusch

The David City softball team, in conjunction with East Butler and Shelby-Rising City, went 1-1 at their home triangular on Sept. 19 against St.Paul and Fillmore Central/Exeter-Milligan.  

DCEBSRC was scheduled to play St. Paul to start the night. Assistant Coach Jenna Beringer said they didn’t know much about the team going into the game strategy-wise, but were expecting a close game.

“It went really good actually and was a tough game. We started out kind of rough with sticking together and playing together,” sophomore Brittney Looper said. “We got better as we went on throughout the game against St. Paul. We pulled off a win, but we did a lot better after the first game when Mr. Jahde talked to us.”

The team came out on top against St.Paul in the first game with a score of 6-4. DCEBSRC battled hard into the ninth inning against Fillmore Central. Beringer said they also didn’t know how that game would play out.

“Both teams were pretty average to good at hitting. Obviously, Fillmore Central/Exeter-Milligan was a stronger team as far as hitting,” Beringer said. “They were able to score more runs, and they played good defense.”

DCEBSRC scored one run in the top of the first inning to start the game ahead of FCEM, until the bottom of the first when they tied it up at 1-1. The score remained tied until the bottom of the third inning when DCEBSRC let FCEM runners on base, and they scored to put them ahead 2-1.

“Mr. Jahde gave us quite a few signals during the game, and I think quite a few of us missed them,” Looper said. “Overall, we did really well.”

In the top of the 4th, senior Kelsey Sumner from DCEBSRC hit a double to help advance the team and tie the game 2-2. In the bottom on the fourth, FCEM came in swinging and hit a triple in the beginning. They brought in two runs making the score 4-2.

DCEBSRC battled back with big hits by Sumner and senior Kaylyn Dubbs to help advance runners to put them ahead 5-4 in the top of the fifth. Both teams kept a strong defense and were finally pushed into extra innings when FCEM tied the score at five runs in the bottom of the seventh inning.

In the top of the eighth, DCEBSRC pushed hard, however, a big hit from FCEM and a Scout error helped them score. DCEBSRC lost with a score of 6-5.

“In the first game, we were able to go out with a strong win, which was good so we could take momentum into that next game, which unfortunately we did lose very close at the end. It was a bummer,” Beringer said. “I think the momentum was huge for being able to even compete in the third game. We played very strong defense as far as the first game goes.”

The following night, DCEBSRC faced Aurora at home for the annual “Pink Game”. They were able to redeem themselves and claimed a 9-8 win.

“It was a close game. We were right there with them. It was really nice that the next night we were able to come back and have almost an exact same scenario, but we were able to come out on top,” Beringer said. “It was a big thing that the girls could overcome that.”

Beringer said there is only about a week left of the season and the girls are now starting to play their regular spots. She said the coaches tried to move the girls around to experiment with different positioning and keep them fresh. DCEBSRC is looking forward to peeking at Districts.