Loss forces Lady Scouts to focus on teamwork

The Lady Scouts get ready for the game with a chant to pump them up. They do this before every game to unite them as a team.

Renee Backstrom

The David City Scout volleyball team suffered a loss against the Cross Cougars on Sept. 20.

Starting off the first set, there were some communication errors right off the bat along with a couple bad passes. After a few mistakes from the Cougars and kills from the Lady Scouts, the Scouts’ errors ultimately caught up to them and they lost the set 25-19.

“When the girls were disciplined, reading the ball, and working together, they did a lot of things well such as running different sets and clicking with teammates,” Head Coach Emily Maresh said. “I thought we served pretty tough at Cross County, which allowed us to receive a lot of free balls. Our serve receive for the most part was pretty good, which let us be in system.”

The second set started out with errors piling on again. The Scouts serves were consistent for the most part, but sent multiple free balls over and their defense couldn’t stand to the hits from the Cougars.

“We really need to work on communication, which is a huge thing that our team lacks,” junior Chaquoya Givens said. “Trust is another thing that we need. Trusting our teammates to get the ball up and get it to the setter. When we make a mistake we don’t forget about, and then worry about it. Then it bothers us for a few points of the game, and then we dig ourselves a hole. We need to learn to forget the mistake and worry about the next point.”

To try something new, the Scouts switched up their rotation in the third set. Unfortunately, the Scouts communication dwindled down, and they lost the final set 25-10.

Recently, the team lost to Schuyler in four sets. They also played at the DC Invite, losing to Shelby in three, North Bend in two, and Yutan in two. The Lady Scouts will be playing Twin River next, on Oct. 4.