Volleyball team racks up first win at Ft. Calhoun Invitational


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Front row left to right: Sophomores Olivia Bell, Morgan Eickemeier, senior Becca Meusch, sophomore Macy Svoboda. Back Row: Head Coach Emily Maresh, Assistant Coach Tali Reeves, freshman Heidi Alvarado, juniors Payton McMillin, Chaquoya Givens, Renee Backstrom, Lauren Hoeft, sophomore Allie Daro, junior Olivia Couch, freshmen Bryanna McAuley, Vivian Palencia, and Assistant Coach Susan Benak.

Becca Meusch

The Lady Scouts brought home a second place trophy and their first win of the season against Loganview at the Ft. Calhoun Invite on Sept. 3.

To start off the day, the Scouts set out to play the Logan View Raiders. Strong serve receive and an aggressive offense helped the Scouts gain a big lead over the Raiders in the first set.

“I think that we started out the day very strong. I told the girls the key to beating Logan View was keeping our serve in bounds. We did a lot better job at this than last Thursday night, but we still need to really work on this area,” Head Coach Emily Maresh said. “Our serve receive really stepped up in the first game which kept our team in system and our hitters were able to run different plays at the net.”

In the second set against Logan View, the Scouts managed to gain over a 10-point lead over the Raiders which allowed substitutions to be made for some of the Scout players.

“I think that overall we played fairly well. We can always find something that needs to be fixed or needs to work better, but in general we played good,” sophomore volleyball player Allie Daro said. “We lost focus for a few points each game, so that’s something we need to work on. Our communication was a lot better Saturday, and I think we brought more confidence to the court also.”

The Scouts won the first set 25-16 and the second set 25-17. After a successful match against Logan View, the Scouts were in order to play Ft. Calhoun for the first place plaque. Ft. Calhoun hit it off early in the first set with a mighty middle hitter.

“Ft. Calhoun had one good hitter who out-shined the rest of the team. She only had one kill the first set because we kept their team out of system more, and we had a few blocks,” Maresh said. “The second set we gave her some overpasses to help her get into system, and we let them be in system to run more options with her.”

The Scouts finished the first set down 25-11 and the second set down 25-10. They managed to bring home the second place plaque for the second year in a row.

“Neither of the teams really did anything special that should’ve surprised us. We got caught on our heels every once in awhile, but I don’t think it was because of the other team surprising us with something they were running,” Daro said. “I think we’ve already improved on a lot, but I know that as a team we still need to be ready for every ball because every once in awhile we’ll lose focus for a few points or get caught on our heels, and in the end it really hurts us.”

Maresh said the girls have had to make a lot of new adjustments this year as they had only one varsity starter return and one other who only served. On Sept. 8, the team welcomed back junior Bethany Tebbe from an ACL injury she suffered last year during basketball season. This same game the team ran a different line-up to add to the new changes.

“The girls have been working very hard at practice. They are willing to try new things as well as different positions that I have thrown at them. The older girls leadership to the younger girls is awesome. The girls have to be flexible in their positions as we try to find the right spots for the girls and the rotation that is going to work the best for the girls that we have,” Maresh said. “I think that the girls have a lot of effort. They will not lay down to an opponent, but on the same side of that, they have to stay confident within their skills and trust their teammates.”

The Lady Scouts continued play as they traveled to Seward on Sept. 8. Defeated by the Blue Jays in three sets (16-25, 13-25, 12-25), David City is preparing for their next match at Madison on Tues., Sept. 13.