Organization makes positive impact, looking for more members


Kasey Stallbaum

Sponsor Amy Sander explains the purpose of Stay-U. A new member meeting was held on Thurs., Aug. 25.

Renee Backstrom

Everyone always knows about the bigger, well-known organizations and activities. Football is on Friday nights, volleyball on Thursdays, and even that FFA meets Wednesdays, but what about the smaller, more unique clubs like Stay-U?

Stay-U (Students Taking Action for Youth Unity), lead by David City High School science teacher Amy Sander, has been around for about 25 years. .

“It is an organization about students that are drug and alcohol free or trying to change a lifestyle, willing to have a voice against risky behaviors, and who like to have fun,” Sander said.

Stay-U does many things during the school year as well as over the summer. During the school year, they help with Red Ribbon Week and driving awareness activities.

“Part of being in Stay-U lets kids know they aren’t all by yourself,” Sander said. “That is why we do all of the activities. It shows others that we work as a group and help people while we do so.”

Over the summer the group went to June Jam, The Red/White Tailgate Game, and even worked at the Butler Believes in Youth and Community booth at the fair.

“I feel like a lot of people outside of the group view us as strictly against alcohol consumption and drugs, but there’s a lot more to Stay-U,” senior member Kylie Hascall said. “We focus on healthy habits, and that pertains to a much wider spectrum of things. The group has a good cause, and we do a lot of fun activities together throughout the year.”

The first projects Stay-U will work on are the seat belt check in the morning and then Red Ribbon Week.