Football team in gear to make strides after tough loss at Fairbury

Senior Lee Betzen dodges Fairbury defensive players while rushing. Betzen had four kickoff returns for a total of 54 yards, two solo sacks, and 27 yards in rushing.

Becca Meusch

Battling rain, the David City Scout football team fought a vigorous season-opener against the Fairbury Jeffs on Aug. 26 for a 47-3 loss.

This year marked the first year the Scouts played the Jeffs after a schedule change. Throughout the night, the Scouts had a tough start trying to hold the Jeffs on defense. Claiming their ownership on the field, the Jeffs scored three touchdowns in the first quarter due to Scout fumbles.The Jeffs led 20-0 at the end of the first quarter after one failed extra point field goal.

“It’s always difficult when we have never played them. We don’t know what they are going to do,” Head Coach Amp Ferg said. “They have a new coach this year, they have different players, and so the only thing that we can do is go off of the things we did last year that were successful and prepare for different offensive plays.”

The Scouts managed to put a few points on the board through a field goal made by sophomore Douglas Alvarado in the beginning of the second quarter, putting the Scouts behind 20-3. The Jeffs tested the Scout defense as they completed longer runs and passes.

“Their offense is definitely a strength with their running back. He has been big over the years, and he rushed for over 1000 yards last year,” sophomore Justin White said. “It’s a good game to start the season with to see how the season is going to go and the things that we need to work on.”

The Jeffs scored two more touchdowns, one with a 60-yard run and another for a 30-yard run, to put Fairbury ahead 34-3. David City pushed hard to put a drive together near the end of the first half. Junior Lee Betzen gained a few rushing yards to help the Scouts get a first down and advance, but the Scouts were then pulled back due to a penalty.

Sophomore quarterback Will Danielson completed a successful pass to senior Ryan Worm to make a first down and close in to within 30-yards of the end zone. This was followed up by a pass to sophomore Nick Ruth to help the Scouts advance.

The Jeffs got the ball back and White saved the Scouts from another touchdown against them with an interception at the two-yard line. The Scouts attempted to put a drive together when the time ran out to end the first half of the game, leaving them trailing 34-3.

“They did not do anything that threw us off guard, their passing is what killed us,” senior Landon Sweeney said. “I think it was a game that should have been close, but mistakes hurt, so it put us in a deficit.”

The Scouts came back in the third with a tough defense and strong tackles to start off the half, but the Jeffs attacked back with a rugged offense and scored with 7:26 left in the quarter, pulling them further ahead 40-3 after a blocked extra-point by Betzen. The Jeffs scored again with less than three minutes left in the quarter, making the score 47-3.

In the final quarter, the Scout defense held Fairbury’s offense. The Scouts attempted to put a drive together only to come up short of a touchdown in the last few plays, ending the game with a 47-3 Jeff win.

“We need to improve on a lot of things, but one thing that must improve is the speed at which we practice.  Also we need to work on ball control,” Ferg said. “They had some really good athletes that made some plays that would have been hard for anyone to stop. We didn’t really see anything we weren’t expecting, we just didn’t execute our gameplan the way we wanted to.”

In addition to playing Fairbury this year, the Scouts’ schedule change also added Conestoga and Wayne to replace Scotus, Lakeview, and Norfolk Catholic, some of the state’s top-ranked teams.

“It will give us a great opportunity to be successful, but we still have to take care of business and do what we got to do to win,” Ferg said. “I think mentally for the athletes, it will be a lot more positive experience.”

The Scouts are scheduled to play another away game at Douglas County West on Fri., Sept. 2 at 7:00 P.M.

“As a team we just need to hold on to the ball. DC West shouldn’t be that tough to beat, we’ve beat them the last two years,” White said.



Total Yards: 56

Name; Cmp; Att; Yds; TD; Int

Will Danielson; 4; 9; 28; 0; 0

Josh Seibert; 1; 1; 28; 0; 0


Name; Att; Yds; Avg; TD

Landon Sweeney; 18; 67; 3.7; 0

Lee Betzen; 5; 27; 5.4; 0

Hunter Behrns; 4; 17; 4.3; 0

Ryan Worm; 5; 12; 2.4; 0

Josh Seibert; 1; 6; 6; 0

Justin White; 1; 3; 3; 0

Clayton Denker; 1; 2; 2; 0


Name; Rec; Yds; Avg; TD

Luis Salazar; 1; 28; 28; 0

Ross Kirby; 2; 13; 6.5; 0

Nick Ruth; 1; 12; 12; 0

Ryan Worm; 1; 3; 3; 0


Name; Tkl; Solo; Ast; Sack; TFL

Colin Vandenberg; 5; 5; 0; 0 0

Landon Sweeney; 4; 3; 2; 0; 1.5

Ross Kirby; 2.5; 2; 1; 0; 1

Doug Alvarado; 2.5; 2; 1; 0; 0

Lee Betzen; 2; 2; 0; 0; 0

Ryan Worm; 1.5; 1; 1; 0; 0.5

Riley Kirby; 1.5; 1; 1; 0; 0.5


Name; FG; FGA; XP; Pts

Doug Alvarado; 1; 1; 0; 3

Ryan Worm; 1; 17; 17; 0


Name; Num; Yds; Avg; I20

Ryan Worm;1; 42; 42; 1

Kickoff Returns:

Name; Att; Yds; Avg; TD

Lee Betzen; 4; 54; 13.5; 0

Landon Sweeney; 1; 30; 30; 0

Justin White; 1; 12; 12; 0

Colin Vandenberg; 1; 8; 8; 0

Rebel Moore; 1; 0; 0; 0