New school year, new changes create safer environment for students and staff

B-D workers have been busy laying bricks for the exterior of the school. The bricks were on backorder, which caused a delay in the process.

Kasey Stallbaum

Summer: temperatures get hotter, days get longer, and the memories become better. While the student body gets to enjoy all the excitement that comes with summer, busy construction men, administration, and State officials have been busy at work to make our school superior.

Inside the walls of David City High School many improvements were made. On the second and third floors, two new walls and doorways were installed. These improvements were made under the request of the fire marshal for both fire safety and code reasoning.

Fire code changes periodically, and when it does, we make sure to change with it,” DCHS Principal Courtney Couch said. “The current version of the fire safety code states that for any multi-level building, there must be a smoke-free corridor through which people can safely exit the building. We’ve had that on the west side of the building for quite a while. Now we have it on both sides.

Some teachers’ individual classrooms were updated as well. Eight teachers in the high school received new carpeting to start off the new school year. In the Bellwood school building, the third grade class, along with the David City preschool building, received new tiled flooring. Other updates in the buildings consisted of new blinds, fire alarms, a plasma cutter in the shop , fire sprinkler systems, heat sensors, and bathroom partitions.

“You need to continuously renovate and update the buildings otherwise you just get further and further behind,” Superintendent Chad Denker said. “The high school is over 100 years old, and hopefully keeping it up can help it last another 15 to 20 years.”  

Moving outside the school the administration has also made changes. On the north side of the school, picnic tables were added to the grounds for lunch use. A different parking routine was also incorporated for the 2016-17 school year.

Parking at the high school is now diagonal instead of its original straight parking. This was done first on the south side of the school after additional parking was added to the preschool/District Office building. It was meant to help with the flow of traffic and for safer entering and exiting of the spot. This change will also be made to the north side after the completion of the new addition.

Construction on the new addition began last school year around Christmas time, two months ahead of the original start date. The new addition is set for a completion date of Oct. 14, which is two weeks ahead of the original date of Oct. 28. Although the progress of the new addition has come along way over the summer, there have been a few fallbacks.

“Unfortunately, we lost about six weeks of working time as a result of rain in the early months of April and May,” Denker said. “There was also a delay in getting some of the bricks and blocks here on time.”

Being patient during these first few months of the school year will be a key factor in the completion of the addition according to Denker, and he appreciates the adjustments being made during lunch and weight classes.

“By the end of first quarter this project will be done, and I promise that it will be worth it,” Denker said.