New staff members join DCHS team

Renee Backstrom


Jenna Beringer

Placed in Mr. Knobbe’s old room, business teacher Jenna Beringer is excited to get to know everyone throughout the year.

“Before I got into teaching, I did the marketing and branding for a company in Lincoln,” Beringer said. “I also worked at Osceola Public Schools last year as their MS/HS Administrative Specialist.”

When Beringer isn’t teaching or at softball as the assistant coach, she loves to spend time with family and friends.


Bergen Hesse  

You may not always see her in the school, but Speech-Language Pathologist Bergen Hesse does it all while working between four buildings.  

“I knew in high school that I wanted to work within the schools,” Hesse said. “My high school guidance counselor encouraged me to go on job observations and set me up with a speech-language pathologist. I loved it from there!”

This summer, Hesse worked at a nursing home as a speech pathologist which is a whole different contrast to now working with kids.

Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends while shopping, going to sporting events, and attending concerts.


Meagan Lasiter

Coming from Douglas County West to teach Personal Finance and Accounting and be the Career Academy Coordinator, Meagan Lasiter brings a lot of pep to the staff as she is the assistant coach for both Cheer and Dance.

“I eat, sleep, work, work at home, dance, cheer, eat, sleep, and repeat!” Lasiter said. “Just kidding! Right now, I am really focused on building positive relationships with students and my co-workers and staying ahead of my work. At the moment, I do not have a lot of free time as it kind of clashes, but I am happy with what I am doing!”

Lasiter says that she is continuously reminded in many different ways that David City is where she is suppose to be.


Tali Reeves

Recently married, Tali Reeves is another new addition to DCHS. She received her endorsement in K-12 Health and Physical Education while also playing volleyball for Wayne State College. She then got the job here as a full-time substitute.

“I try to be with family and friends as much as possible,” Reeves said. “Other than that, it’s pretty boring. Right now I am obsessed with the Olympics!”

Of course, playing for a Division II team like WSC would mean she would be a volleyball coach, but what others might not know is she will actually be the new hurdles coach for track as well.


Travis Worm

Working here last year as a full-time substitute teacher and coach, Travis Worm finally makes his mark as a Fitness Training teacher at the high school and Elementary P.E. teacher in Bellwood. Worm is also an assistant football coach, assistant middle school wrestling coach, and helps with the summer weight program.

“It’s great here!” Worm said. “I get to help students in both of my favorite areas that I’m passionate about.  In weight training, I get to teach students to become stronger, healthier, and hopefully injury-free for a lifetime.  In P.E., it’s a similar goal with teaching them how to live active, healthy lifestyles and having fun while doing so.”

Worm enjoys spending time with his wife, Staci, watching sports, and figuring out ways to incorporate more advanced concepts to athletes.