Scout athletics have successful summer

The cheer team at the Universal Cheer Association camp at Boone Central High School.

Summer is not just a time for poolside fun, but also a time for improvement. Improving is exactly what Scout athletes focused on during the summer of 2014. Each team had a busy summer as they participated in various camps, conditioning days, and early preseason practices. Camps were held in many places as teams traveled close to and far from home.

“Summer camps are always a great way to evaluate a player’s potential for the beginning of the season, and they are also great for coaches to see what new things will work or may have to be thrown out before the season starts,” head football coach Amp Ferg said.

That’s exactly what Ferg was looking for when the football team traveled to two camps over the summer. The team attended camp at Wahoo High School on July 7 and a seven-on-seven passing camp at Doane College on July 12.  Progress with the team this year has brought the boys together on and off the field. They are communicating and working well, and they hope for success that has been earned not given. Along with the football team, the volleyball team has been also setting their expectations high.

The volleyball girls packed their bags as they went away for a three-day overnight camp at Peru State College. During the three days, they learned a variety of defensive and offensive rotations and also gained a better knowledge of their own rotations.

“I want them to be the loudest team out on the court and they know that,” head volleyball coach Emily Maresh said.

The girls also got to connect with each other on a personal basis during camp as they bonded through laughs and giggles.

“At the Peru state camp, Dahlia was shagging her ball. It went into the third row of bleachers and her foot got caught in between the bleachers and she face planted on the floor. The entire gym was quiet at the time and everybody in there looked and laughed. It was great! But only because she didn’t get hurt!” senior Hope R. said.

While the volleyball team was passing the ball, the softball team was hitting it all the way to Columbus where they took part in a CCC camp on July 25. The team also had its own camp at the David City Baseball Fields on July 23-24. The team is hoping for a winning season and to do well at Districts.

The boys basketball team got an early start as they competed in the Scotus Summer League. They also went to two camps held in North Bend and Humphrey which gave them endurance and got them into shape.

“I wish we could attend more camps, but players have busy schedules that they have to work around and other school activities. If we could attend another I would want it to be a college camp that is held over the weekend,” head boys basketball coach Ben Knobbe said.

On the other half of the court, the girls basketball team spent their summer getting to know the new coach.

“We played 34 games this summer, so we spent a lot of time together. We took some long trips to Wayne, Oakland, and Ponca, and we grew closer as a team,” head girls basketball coach Nathan Wall said. “We had a lot of good laughs this summer but also some tough conversations. I think that all the players and coaches now have a better understanding of the expectations for David City girls basketball.”

The girls basketball team got to practice their skills and got to work on new offenses and defenses throughout the games and camps they attended. They are becoming more familiar with each teammate as they had the chance to observe how each person handles the ball. The girls are expecting to have solid conditioning to be ready for fall sports.

Four wrestlers took a flight to Florida this summer to participate in the Disney Duals.

“At Disney Duals there was stiff competition, and it was a good experience to witness the competition from different states,” junior Wyatt P. said.

Additionally, thirteen wrestlers traveled to Wilber and ten attended a UNL camp. Through the camps, the wrestlers obtained extra mat experience and got to see what the new year has brought as new freshmen showed what they can bring to the team. Head wrestling coach TahnerThiem also got a lesson as he attended a coaching session on new techniques to bring into the wrestling room this year. The wrestlers cheer for another great year as the cheerleaders cheer for us all.

Cheering is what they do and that is exactly what they did this summer. The cheerleaders attended a Universal Cheerleaders Association camp held at Boone Central High School where they learned new cheers and a team routine. They came home with many awards for the Scouts. They also used their summer to teach the new members all the cheers so they can be prepared for the fall season.

“We got to know each other better, and it helped us better the skills that we will need as cheerleaders this year,” senior Ty H. said. “I noticed a lot of improvement over the summer.”

The dancers also prepared for the year with summer practices. The dance team attended a three-day National Dance Alliance camp at Cross County High School at the end of June. In July, they attended a one-day choreography camp where the team learned two dances choreographed by local dance instructor Kayla Robertson.

“I always have the same expectations for my dancers – that they work hard and perform to the best of their abilities. Additionally, we have some dancers who are very interested in choreography, so I am expecting to see some new and unique dances throughout the year,” dance team coach Ainslee Kroenke said.

Although track and field and cross country did not attend any camps this summer, some athletes took the time to practice on their own.

“I tried to get out as much as I could and tried to put in a lot of miles,” senior Konner M. said.

Now that summer has ended and school has begun,Scout athletes can show what they have learned over their busy summers participating in various activities. Each team has set their goals and expectations high, and it will be an exciting year watching the Scouts in everything they do.