Senior seminar class helps with college preparation

Carmen M.

Procrastination seems to be something students are skilled at by their senior year. During the school year, there are sports, class work, and organizations that can be so time consuming that meeting college application and scholarship deadlines can be difficult. After three years without it, guidance counselor Brenda Siffring has reinstated a class designed to specifically help seniors prepare for college.

The class is offered during the first semester and covers many college preparation topics. Seniors get a chance to explore what careers would be best suited for them based on assessment results. Siffring also keeps her students posted on any scholarship opportunities. In addition,she helps with ensuring seniors take the ACT, apply to the colleges they want, and fill out scholarship applications.

“I found it as a good opportunity to get college stuff done and look into what careers I wanted and how to pay for it,” senior Adriana C. said.

The first week of the senior seminar class is spent taking career assessments to help narrow down the choices on what to do and where to go.

“If we aren’t sure about what we want to go into, then this class is the perfect time to find out what we might want to do,” senior Tony M. said.

After students have a more definite plan on what they want to do, they go on to research that career and the school they want to attend. Seniors are tasked with having to find a set number of facts about two colleges they are interested in.

As the year goes on, Siffring will provide the seniors with information on scholarships that may apply to them. She will also answer questions about colleges and college life to the best of her ability.

Siffring said she encourages students to live on campus the first year of college and to do as many things as possible to get involved with campus life.

Another perk of the senior seminar class is providing busier students with 45 minutes a day to get things accomplished they otherwise would not have time to do.

“This class is a really good opportunity to get scholarships and college applications filled out if you have a busy personal life,” senior Emily W. said.

While researching careers, some seniors said they have been surprised to find out there are options they didn’t even know about.

“I have learned about many new careers that I didn’t know existed before I took the class,” senior Dustin D. said.

Most of the tasks are done during class so the students don’t have have to worry about having homework everyday. The goal of the class is to give a student a clear vision of what they want to do.

“That would be the hope but it depends on the student; they might have a hard time making that decision,” Siffring said.

For all the underclassmen, this class will indeed be helpful and provide many resources to use for preparing for the future.

“Its not a very strenuous class, and it is laid back. There is no homework because it’s mostly discussion,” senior Davianne C. said.