Student overcomes cancer, embarks on Make-A-Wish trip

Many 12-year-old girls worry about things like what movie they are going to see on the weekend or what friend they are going to stay the night with, but when sophomore Ashlee S. was 12, she was fighting for her life.

Ashlee S. was diagnosed with brain cancer on Nov. 29, 2010 after an MRI revealed she had a cancerous tumor in the back of her head.

“The only reason we found it was because of an MRI, so I guess lucky me in a sense,” Ashlee S. said.

She was forced to undergo surgery and other various treatments to help eradicate the cancer. She finished her treatment and has been in remission for three years now. This summer, Ashlee S. decided to use her one Make-A-Wish trip.

“I thought it was something for my family to bond, become closer,” Ashlee S. said.

Choosing to travel to Hawaii, Ashlee S. was told to pick three activities. She chose to go horseback riding, to take a dinner boat cruise, and to explore the island. While sightseeing around the island with her mom, step-dad, and brother, Ashlee S. purchased a hat, a handcrafted wooden turtle, and a purple pearl necklace.

Ashlee S. said that she loved her trip and that it was once in a lifetime opportunity.