Review: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ breaks through super-hero slump

Maya P., Co-Editor

Marvel is known for action-packed flicks and tragic backstory characters, and they are experts when it comes to the ‘Island of Misfit Toys’ trope. Their latest blockbuster, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” is no exception.

The story follows the main character, Peter Quill, better known as Star-Lord, as he encounters a valuable object that will completely offset the course of his spaceship. He meets an odd assortment of unlikely companions as they set off on a journey to save the galaxy.

In a blast of fantastic colors and landscapes straight off the bat, it really sets off the fun tone of the movie. The excruciating detail put into designing sceneries of far off planets and aspects of futuristic technology throughout the movie paint the picture of an advanced time, despite the fact that the story takes place in modern day time. The only difference is which side of the galaxy they’re on, and maybe a few blue, pink, or green-skinned aliens that help remind the audience of that. The scenery and cinematography of the film will amaze and awe fans, but what really makes this movie worth watching is the acting component.

Incorporating such actors of Chris Pratt (Star-Lord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), and an unlikely Dave Batista (Drax the Destroyer) to lead the story, the dramatic displays are absolutely phenomenal. And anyone who can incorporate the line “I am Groot” into so many deviations like Vin Diesel (Groot) or capture the snarkiness of a talking racoon like Bradley Cooper (Rocket Raccoon) while making only an animated appearance deserves the timeless roles.

The characters that this cast portrays were well illustrated and absolutely hilarious at every turn, flipping any dramatic situation into one of mockery with an unexpected irony. These heroes aren’t as respectable and honorable as in previous Marvel blockbusters, but they are a bunch of outlaws following their own rules for money and revenge. Each character has their own story, personality, and vernacular and at such defined separation that I have to say it was the best character-based movie of the Marvel universe.

What makes this film different from others in its superhero genre is that it actually feels like a comic. “Guardians of the Galaxy” keeps true to the inextinguishable fire of hilarity that the original comic book format provided: the witty sarcasm and gut-busting one-liners. But it has about as much plot movement as one: a great story, but not really leaving you with any discernable expectations for the sequel. The story was a one-track identification of a problem and a solution you could’ve seen from a lightyear away. With expectations of a powerful storyline like most Marvel Movies, I was disappointed to only find awesome digital graphics and nostalgia for the 80s.

Despite its limited faults, “Guardians of the Galaxy” is definitely a treat. It’s packed with great action sequences and jaw-dropping cinematography with a fun character-drawn plot. If you like 80s soundtracks and novelty aspects from a movie, this is the one to see.