Spoof: Charlie Puth shakes up David City High School


Courtesy Photo

Charlie Puth will be performing for the students at David City High School on May 20. He is best known for his song “One Call Away".

Chaquoya Givens

In the small town of David City, it’s hard to find something actually exciting going on. But when students at David City High School found out that Charlie Puth was coming to town, it was obvious there was elation the air.

Puth will be coming to DCHS on May 17. It wasn’t a hard decision for DCHS Principal Cortney Couch to invite Puth to come perform for the students. Couch said he enjoyed Puth’s inspirational story.

“He had some adversity when he was younger,” Couch said.

Puth was able to gain fame for himself by starting his own YouTube channel.  Couch said he is hoping that DCHS can see him as an inspiration and realize they can do anything they set their minds to.

“Not much happened in Rumson, NJ, so it will be cool to bring some excitement to David City. When I got the call from Principal Couch, I was very surprised at first when he invited me. He didn’t hesitate,” Puth said. “ He jumped right to it and knew it was going to be a nice summer kickoff for the students.”

The student body will get the chance to take a picture with Puth and get his autograph. Sophomore Taylor Masek said it will be a great way to kick off summer. Couch believes the students will enjoy the concert.

“Charlie Puth has the reputation of being a great performer and entertainer. Charlie has a great sense of humor, which is obvious if you’ve ever watched his YouTube channel, and he is just very talented, and I can’t see how the students wouldn’t enjoy that,” Couch said.