Spoof: Unique proposal changes everything


Chaquoya Givens

Math teacher Sam Schlautman re-enacts the proposal to his longtime girlfriend. Proposing with an avocado, Schlautman set the bar high for unique proposals.

Chaquoya Givens

Proposing is a big act for couples. Men are always attempting to come up with a unique way to propose, but nobody said it was going to be an easy task. Some men may wonder about the “what if’s” and fear for the worst. However, one David City High School teacher changed the game for everyone.

DCHS Math Teacher Sam Schlautman wasn’t going for something big, but rather for something no one would imagine him doing. Schlautman said it took him a while to come up with an idea since he wanted to surprise his girlfriend and make sure she was going to remember it.

“I  thought of the memories we had made together,” Schlautman said. “I remember the  time we went grocery shopping together, and there was an avocado on the floor. Not seeing it, I slipped on the avocado which caused my girlfriend to be unable to stop laughing at me. So I figured hey, maybe proposing with an avocado would be a good idea!”

When the day had finally arrived, Schlautman said he decided to make her breakfast so an avocado wouldn’t seem so out-of place. Schlautman grabbed the avacado and got down on one knee.

“At first she thought I was joking, but I said to her I wasn’t. She couldn’t believe it, and she was so excited that she ate it,” Schlautman said. 

You can propose with just about anything. If it has a meaning, then go for it. As for Schlautman, he didn’t want to go for something that wasn’t unique.