Spoof: Secret behind newest addition


Macy Svoboda

The arcade is bringing in the big screens. The screens will be placed where these window-like holes are in the new addition, so students can watch T.V. as they play along with their games.

Macy Svoboda

The new add-on being built onto David City High School is not what people are expecting. When students discovered the school was adding on, everyone asked the same question: What are we adding on for?

Many students were excited and anxious to hear that the new addition will consist of a new weight and commons area. However, although students may think this is what’s happening, a weight room and commons area is not really in store. Instead of what students and teachers may assume, the new addition is actually going to be an arcade.

A plethora of the student body is confused on why the administrators would lie about what the new addition is for, however, there is a reasonable answer. The administrators didn’t want students to think of the addition as “fun” all the time. Adding an arcade has many advantages, including multiple games being used to help certain students with hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and many other correlated actions.

The addition will not only be available for middle school and high school students, but also the elementary students. The school district can use this space for the elementary “fun days”, different rewards, and also for time throughout the year that is free for students. One of these times could potentially be when the seniors go to the Activities Center during MAPS testing.  Students can then use this time to go to the arcade and let go of some stress.

“I think having an arcade in the school will help students become more excited to come to school knowing we have an arcade,” freshman Olivia Bell said.

Having the opportunity to add an arcade to a school can come with many ups and downs. Some may think students will take too much advantage of this opportunity.

I see nothing but advantages. I think other schools will be jealous of what we have,” DCHS Principal Cortney Couch said. “I will be contacting other schools in the Conference to see if we can put together a Call of Duty team from each school and have a Conference COD Tournament every year.”

Not only are DCHS students excited for the arcade, administrators are also eager about it. Multiple students agreed that since everyone is on board with the arcade, it makes the wait even more anticipating.

“I know people were psyched to have that be a place of fitness and physical activity, but we can still do things like play tennis on the Wii. There’s a lot of movement with that. Plus, it gives us some cross-curricular opportunities, like playing Guitar Hero on the PS4. The possibilities are endless,” Couch said.