Spoof: School uniforms minimize student individuality


Olivia Bell

Sophomore Cole Martinez models the new uniforms to show what they will look like. The attire will include nice polo shirts and khakis.

Olivia Bell

Public schools having a school uniform policy? That’s a new one, but you read right. David City High School is putting a school uniform policy in place starting at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year. I do not like this new approach because I think it is taking away our individuality and our way of expressing ourselves.

The new policy will consist of khakis, dresses, and skirts with nice polo shirts. The School Board would have liked to add a turtleneck option, but most students didn’t like the idea when it was brought up. That is what would be in the criteria as “ugly”, most kids said.

Each season would bring new items to buy. Spring would include shorts and short sleeve shirts, while winter would consist of pants and long sleeve shirts. Accessories that can be bought will also be seasonal, unless it is a headband or a piece of jewelry.

Since we’re a public school and students can’t be forced to buy the uniforms, the school will be providing them. Many students aren’t thrilled about the whole idea right now. However, I do believe that if students wear uniforms, then so should teachers. I think students would then feel less singled out and our school would be even more unified.

School uniforms will bring a dramatic change to our school system that most people will not like, and I am with them. We should be able to show our uniqueness and who we are and not have to hide it behind some new outfits.

As We See It

Sophomore Renee Backstrom: I think it would be cool to have uniforms if they weren’t super ugly. I would be totally fine if, say, we had to wear khakis everyday.

Junior Lee Betzen: I do not like the idea of the school uniforms. I think they would be uncomfortable, and there would be a lot of complaining about how ugly they look.

Science Teacher Amy Sander: I think the uniform policy is a good idea because kids don’t have to worry about what to wear or whether anyone will say anything about what they have on. I will promote school unity.