Third annual Lift-A-Thon “reps up” motivation for future programs

David City High School coaches Tahner Thiem and Amp Ferg show off potential prizes that are up for grabs for students and athletes this year at the Lift-A-Thon. This is the third annual Lift-A-Thon and the first year trophies are offered as a prize.

Becca Meusch

To create benchmarks and fundraise for future athletic programs, students and athletes at David City High School are welcomed to the third annual Lift-A-Thon on May 24 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the current weight room east of the high school.

The Lift-A-Thon was created a few years ago by Head Football Coach Amp Ferg and various other coaches to accentuate how important a successful strength and conditioning program is for athletic programs. In order to generate successful athletes from these programs, DCHS was in need of some upgrades of which the Lift-A-Thon came into action.

“We were trying to get support to renovate the old weight room, and we took the idea to the School Board and they just said, ‘Let’s build a new one,’” Ferg said. “York’s high school football team does one so I got a bunch of information from them.”

In order to reach this year’s goal of $5,000, participants from DCHS are asked to find at least four sponsors to put forth a flat donation or pledge a per-pound donation from the max of four lifts, including bench, squat, hang clean, and incline bench.

“The Lift-A-Thon has a lot of benefits. If the athletes can actually try to fundraise, that shows the coaching staff they’re committed and will put time in,” junior Amber Belt said. “In addition to that, strength is a huge advantage in all sports, so to have the opportunity to have a morning to max-out shows me where I’ll be put at in starting weight for summertime.”

The fundraiser will also help coaches set up summer lifting programs for the athletes because it is based off of their max-out weight. However, any athlete who raises at least ten dollars will be awarded a “Scout Power” t-shirt. There will also be trophies awarded to the top earner in each grade level for both boys and girls, and each grade level that raises the most money will earn a pizza meal.

“We [coaches] just all sat down and brainstormed ideas that can get kids in the weight room. We thought free stuff, food, and trophies would work. Hopefully if you want a nice weight room, you will put the effort in,” Ferg said. “Hopefully this will get kids motivated to want to lift and have an awesome weight room and feel like they helped raise money to get the items that will be in the weight room. They will take a little ownership of the weight room rather than it being a building that you have to go to.”

Students and athletes also have the opportunity to test themselves in the 40-yard sprint, ten-yard sprint, pro-agility, and vertical jump for three dollars by the Athletic Republic.

“As a teammate and a chance to raise money for the school to get better equipment, the Lift-A-Thon is a pretty good idea to help better the students and athletes get bigger and stronger for sports,” sophomore Colin Vandenberg said.

After all the lifting festivities are complete, it will be followed by a burger grill-out. Ferg said all parents, alumni, family members, and community members are welcomed to come support DCHS athletes at the Lift-A-Thon.

“This event needs to be viewed as the beginning of a ‘process’ and longer-term event that will eventually bring great benefits to DCHS athletics,” Girls Basketball Coach Cole Caraher said. “Hopefully a new weight room will motivate our students to develop a year-round habit of getting in the weight room and improving their strength, speed, and size.”