Spoof: Tebbe takes the stage 1,506 miles from hometown

Lauren Hoeft

David City High School sophomore Bethany Tebbe had the amazing opportunity to perform on The Voice on April 3 in Los Angeles, California.

Tebbe has always loved to sing, no matter where she was. She has gone from singing publicly in early elementary talent shows to singing to everyone in the world via television. She has been trying to get an audition for the show since Fall of 2014, but little did she know that her third attempt would be life-changing.

“I was excited and nervous. I practiced a lot but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t possibly mess up,” Tebbe said.

In November of 2015, Tebbe received a letter through the mail announcing that she was selected to be a contestant on the show. Once she and her parents completed all the paperwork, she publicly announced she would be heading to California, but no one knew why. As usual, tons of people tuned in to watch The Voice. More and more people started to recognize the familiar face.

The moment when all four judges turned around during her performance, she knew she did something right. Tebbe said she recalls being left speechless. It was time to make a difficult decision. It was now time for her to pick which judge she was going to go with.  After a lot of back and forth, she went with Christina Aguilera. Tebbe started crying tears of excitement knowing she had come this far, and it could only get better from here.

“It was a great experience! I got to meet not only the judges, but also other talented musicians and singers,” Tebbe said.

Tebbe had multiple tweets on Twitter regarding her singing performance on The Voice that night.

“It was literally the best night of my life,” Tebbe said. “I never thought I would make it this far at this age.”