Spoof: From Golden State to Cornhusker State: Professional star set to coach Scouts


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Stephen Curry leaves behind his legacy of being a Golden State Warrior to start his career as a David City Scout coach. Curry was the point guard for the team.

Olivia Bell

You know him as the greatest shooter in National Basketball Association history. The one who can lose a defender with a crossover without a ball, the one who suits up for the Golden State Warriors, and the one who has a 92% three pointer percentage. Stephen Curry is ending his journey as a Golden State Warrior and beginning his Scout basketball coaching career. Curry will be taking over David City High School Head Boys Basketball Coach Ben Knobbe’s position this upcoming year.

There was no hesitation for DCHS Principal Cortney Couch to reply with a big yes when the offer of Coach Curry presented itself. As soon as Couch found out there was the slightest bit of interest in Curry coaching, he started to pursue him.

“Once I knew we had a chance at an NBA player, I felt like we had to take that chance,” Couch said. “Coach Curry is a student of the game. He’s had success as a player at all levels: high school, college, and the NBA. We know he has the leadership qualities; it just makes sense for us to hire him as our next head coach.”

Curry said David City seems like the kind of school that would be good to coach at because of the size. He came from a relatively small high school atmosphere and said he knows the goals for his team were high. He said he hopes to exceed the Scouts’ expectations.

“Good luck trying to be an NBA player and a basketball coach at the same time,” Knobbe said. “If Steph Curry is as good of a coach as he is a player, they [the Scouts] will be just fine!”

Although the Scouts’ season may not have gone as planned, Curry said he does have a few ideas up his sleeve that can hopefully spice the team up a bit.

“I can make as many plays as I want, but the players have to put forth the effort and dedication for them to work. I am hoping to bring about good changes,” Curry said.  

DCHS juniors Matthew Lewis and Joe Lance said they were both excited to hear that Curry was going to be coaching them their senior year.

There wouldn’t be any better person we could have,” Lewis said. “It would be an honor to learn the game of basketball by probably the best basketball player of this time.”