April Students of the Month


Seventh grade: Alex Rachow is the son of Nathan and Kimberly Blomenberg of David City. Alex participates in football, basketball, track, club wrestling, and basketball. Outside of school, he spends most of his time playing outside, doing homework, or watching T.V .

When Alex found out he was Student of the Month he said he was surprised. He feels the reason he achieved this is because he is a hard worker and is polite. Alex also said he is a pretty good leader when it comes to the classroom, and he isn’t too overpowering.

  • What are some traditional things you do in the summer? I like to swim, run, bike, and walk my dogs.
  • Where are you planning on traveling this summer, if anywhere? Florida.

Zack Barlean

Eighth grade: Zack Barlean is the son of Sam and Angie Barlean of David City. His brother, Ben, graduated David City High School in 2015 and his sister, Brandy, is currently a junior. Living five miles out of the town, Zack helps out around the farm by taking on both his chores and the chores of his brother since he left for college.

In school, Zack is involved in football, track, and wrestling. Zack believes that people view him as a good person because of his humor, intelligence, and his readiness to find solutions to problems. He says that his leadership consists mainly of getting along with everyone in his class and the fact that most teachers like him.

  • What are some traditional things you do in the summer? I go to the pool, the fair, and I always go to Bellwood Daze. I help my dad on the farm and hang out with friends.
  • Where are you planning on traveling this summer, if anywhere? I don’t think we have any plans, but if I could go anywhere I’d go to Arizona, because that’s where my uncle lives and I haven’t seen him for a while.Morgan Eickmeier

Freshman: Morgan Eickmeier is the daughter of Kenny and Shelli Eickmeier of Bellwood. She is the second oldest of her siblings following her older sister,  Abbie. Morgan said she also tries to stand as a role model for her younger siblings Lili, Harley, and Grace.

Activities Morgan is involved in include volleyball and track. Throughout the high school volleyball season she played outside hitter and back row for league volleyball. In track, Morgan partakes in the 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, 4×1 relay, and  4×4 relay.

Morgan thinks she was chosen to be Student of the Month because she contributes in class discussions and takes charge and gets things done. When she’s not in school, Morgan said she like to hang out with friends or lay around at home.

  • What are some traditional things you do in the summer? I go swimming at the lake, Pawnee Plunge, and here in town.
  • Where are you planning on traveling this summer, if anywhere? My family is going on vacation this year, but I do not know where to.Will

Sophomore: Will Heller is the son of Russ and Monica Heller of David City. He has two siblings, Katie and Matthew, who are currently taking college classes out of town. Will is involved in  golf, band, choir, choir, one-act, marching band, Zero-K science club, National Honor Society, and speech, in which he made Nationals. Outside of school, Will said he is heavily involved in church volunteer activities. Will said he spends a lot of his free time playing video games online with his friends, meeting new people, and generally just having a good time. He also enjoys seeing what fun things happen when he meets new people online.

When Will heard he was Student of the Month, he said he was pleasantly surprised. He said he had always seen the Student of the Month posters on the walls and had gotten honorable mentions a few times, but never expected to be selected and feels very honored. Will feels he excels at many of the activities he is involved in, has outstanding grades, and likes to help out others when they are in need.

“I can be a bit of a pessimist at times, but I feel that is largely outweighed by my spastic and energetic character. I love to crack jokes and be uplifting to others,” Will said.

  • What are some traditional things you do in the summer? During the summer, I often go down to the pool with friends. Sometimes I enjoy golfing with family and friends, and of course, what better way to spend summertime than sitting inside your hot, humid house playing video games?
  • Where are you planning on traveling this summer, if anywhere? Over the summer I will be going to Kearney for an Honor Marching Band, New York for a Music Class Trip, and Salt Lake City, Utah for the National Speech Competition. All of these will happen within 30 days, so I’ve got a lot on my plate.Kaylyn I. edit

Junior: Kaylyn Ibsgaard is the daughter of David and Patty Ibsgaard of Garrison. She has one younger brother, Colton. Kaylyn likes to stay involved in school by participating in STAY-U.Outside of school, Kaylyn works at David Place as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She enjoys spending her free time reading, listening to music, doing homework, working, babysitting, and spending time with her family. Some exceptional qualities Kaylyn possesses include being nice and wanting to help others out, being respectful, trying her best, and staying positive.

“When I first found out I was Student of the Month, I was surprised because I wasn’t sure how you get it and because I just came here at semester,” Kaylyn said. “After I found out I told my mom right away. She was really proud of me and she felt like it was an accomplishment for her also.”

Kaylyn said she shows her leadership skills by setting a good example for underclassmen and being a positive role model for her younger brother to show him how to act appropriately. She said she always tries to participate in the classroom and help others when they have questions.

  • What are some traditional things you do in the summer? I try to sleep a lot, hang out with friends, work as much as I can, and just relax as much as time allows.
  • Where are you planning on traveling this summer, if anywhere? We don’t usually travel anywhere, but on The Fourth of July we go to Seward and walk around and look at the booths and shops set up. I always look forward to it because there is so much you can do. Melea

Senior: Melea Birkel is the daughter of Jnel and Tim Birkel of Bellwood. Melea has two sisters, Shayna and Elisha, and one foster-brother, Jeff. Activities Melea is involved in include One-Act, STAY-U, and National Honor Society. Melea also takes part in her church’s youth group, Impact. At that same church, she also works at their coffee shop, 38th Street Coffee in Columbus. In her free time, Melea said she is either in her room doing homework or spending time at church.

First finding out she was Student of the Month, Melea said she was honored. Qualities Melea has that she said she feels make her a good person include her Christianity and how she treats people. She said she is kind and respects everyone and puts their needs above hers. Melea also said she tries her best in school by working hard and keeping her grades up.

“It doesn’t really matter what other people are doing. I just do whatever I need or should be doing,” Melea said.

  • What are some traditional things you do in the summer? I help with Vacation Bible School at my church, and that’s three different weeks at Stanton and Onawa, Iowa. I’m also a counselor for a camp called Royal Family, which is a free camp for foster kids.
  • Where are you planning on traveling this summer, if anywhere? Just Vacation Bible School and the Royal Family camp.