Spoof: Teen rapper sensation emerges at David City High School

Macy Svoboda

Watch out world, the newest rapper is entering the realm of music. Recently, DCHS freshman Ashley Roemmich has been rapping everywhere she goes and has caught the attention of many different people, some even famous!

Roemmich was first recognized for her skills when she was rapping for competitive speech.

“My speech had multiple songs in it and my coach asked if I could rap it, so I tried it and it turns out I like rapping. Plus, I’m good at it,” Roemmich said.

Once she started rapping in her speech, Roemmich started rapping at school, at home, in the car, and anywhere else you can imagine. Now, because students and teachers are noticing her skills, different music producers have noticed as well. Some include Eminem, Taylor Swift, and even Dr. Dre.

“When I heard Ashley rap, I knew right away that rapping was in her future. Her rapping is phenomenal, especially at her age. Finding her passion this early in life is just amazing,” Swift said.  

Once people heard what Swift and other singers had to say about Roemmich, everyone knew right away that she was going to be very successful and go far in her career.

“I hope my rapping takes me everywhere. I hope I can be that person that changes another person by my words and my music. I love rapping, and I’ve always wanted to achieve a dream of mine. Now, I can,” Roemmich said.