Review: Allegiant movie leaves readers in awe at differences


Courtesy Photo

Renee Backstrom

Even if the producers actually read the book, the Allegiant movie based on the best-selling book by Veronica Roth proves unclear to avid readers and moviegoers, makes the viewer wonder if the producers even read the book, and ends in an unsatisfactory review.

Allegiant is the third part to the Divergent Trilogy explaining how Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) escape their so-called home to see what is outside the wall blocking them in, but end up puzzled when they find out what is really out there.

Like most movies that are produced from books, half the audience just goes to see the movie, and the other half, who have actually read the book, goes to see it to compare. When seeing the third movie of the Divergent Series, I was utterly devastated by the connections not being made between the book and the movie.

From reading the first and second books, Divergent and Insurgent, and seeing those movies, I felt like they made the ultimate connection to each other with taking out minimal parts from the books that weren’t important. Unlike the movies for Divergent and Insurgent, the third movie to the trilogy barely captures what Roth envisioned in her book. It made me feel as if it was a whole new movie with just a few of the same characters in it.

In the beginning, the movie made moves around a major death leaving no compassion towards the character. While I was reading Allegiant, I could feel the emotions, love and hate between Tris and Four. But during the movie, it seemed as if they didn’t even care about each other, which is a big disappointment for those who thrived on reading about their exciting love story.

Speaking for myself, I felt that while reading this futuristic story, they did not have as many high-tech gadgets in there that were placed in the movie. How can one movie go from not as high-tech to this extreme? It’s like going from a musket gun to an automatic gun in a matter of minutes.

After seeing the movie and walking out of the theater, I left feeling confused and betrayed by the series. It ended on a cliffhanger when it was the last book of the series, leaving out huge chunks necessary to get the feelings you experience when you read it. It was to my astonishment when I later learned they are splitting the book into two movies, even though it wasn’t long at all. The new movie will be called Ascendent and will be in the box office in 2017.

In the end, I will be very surprised if I go to see this supposed other movie. If they can’t fit an average-sized book into one movie with all the right parts in it, then maybe they should crack open a few more books to make sure the next movies they make are right.