Review: El Centenario to spice up David City restaurant scene

With festive and authentic decor, Acapulco provides a sense that you're really experiencing Mexican culture. Speedy service gives you the option of getting in and out by the end of your lunch hour.

Maya Peirce, Co-Editor

Living in a small Midwestern town like David City can prove difficult in the search for authentic, tasty Mexican cuisine. Luckily, that’s all going to change in the upcoming months when El Centenario arrives at the former venue of Papa Tango’s. The current owners of Acapulco in Wahoo, NE are venturing further west to open up El Centenario in David City. Hopefully the new addition will give David City’s fast food dominated atmosphere a new flavor.

Flavor is anything but lacking in Acapulco. Before you even enter the restaurant, it already makes an impression with its festive music and delicious aroma wafting in the air, contrasting the modest exterior of the building. However, when you pass through the front doors, you’re met with an explosion of bright colors and decor, which gives it a really authentic feel.

Service is speedy, with staff literally running to greet you and get you what you need. The wait staff is attentive throughout the meal and they’re not afraid to strike up a conversation with an overall friendly and positive demeanor. If you need more chips and salsa, they’re back with a batch before you can even ask.

At Acapulco, you have a selection of a variety of dishes. From steaming platters of fajita meat to a spicy selection of house specials, they offer a little bit of everything. There’s actually a plate called “A Little of Everything,” which allows you to try all of the main dishes on their menu and could probably feed a family of three for less than twenty dollars. They also offer vegetarian meals and the option of building your own one to four item combo of delectable Mexican cuisine.

It’s no secret that the building soon to be housing El Centenario has been home to many a failed business throughout the last couple of decades, but I believe this restaurant has what it takes to call David City home for years to come.