Column: Budgeting Prom can make for the perfect night

Kasey Stallbaum

Kasey Stallbaum

The dress, the shoes, the hair, the makeup, and the date all set up for the “perfect night”. Prom is meant to be a night you will always remember; a high school tradition that can’t be forgotten. However, how much is too much to spend on one night?

It’s outrageous to spend so much money on one night. In society today, people feel the need to go beyond the standard to look their best. Yes, I understand prices are high and it is easy to go over budget, but there are other alternatives to making Prom the perfect night.

The average cost of a new dress can range anywhere from $300 to $700, not including alterations, shoes, and jewelry. Most high school girls will also get manicures and pedicures which could add up to as much as $60. Not yet including getting your hair done, another $30 and up, the total cost of prom can be close to $1,000.

Prom does not mean you need to clear out your bank account. For girls, there are multiple ways to avoid spending a tremendous amount of money. Borrowing or buying a dress from another person is one way to get a dress for a cheap price. If hand-me-downs are not your thing, try setting up a plan with the dress store to make payments.

An additional way to knock down your Prom price total is to cut back on the extra items, such as your toes and nails. Instead of getting both done at the salon, choose one or the other, or maybe even neither.

As for guys, renting a tux can cost a lot, but a way to lower the price is to research deals or coupons for different tux stores. Another option to save some money is to not buy the big, expensive roses for the corsage.

Enjoying Prom is easy; making the night perfect is the hard part. Prom does not need to be expensive if you just look for the bargains and follow your budget. The good, the bad, and the ugly memories of Prom will be with you forever. Overall, just have a good time and dance the night away!