March Students of the Month

Scoop Staff


Seventh grade: Ethan Zegers is the son of Brian and Tonya Zegers of David City. He has one sibling, Chloe. Ethan participates in wrestling, basketball, baseball, football, and golf. He spends most of his free time at his house or at the golf course.

When finding out he was Student of the Month, Ethan said he thought the person who had told him was joking. However, Ethan believes he was chosen because he follows instructions and is respectful to others. He also feels he is a leader because he stands up for others and doesn’t make fun of people.

  • What is your favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day? The food.
  • What is your “lucky charm”? The number 10.


Eighth grade: Vivian Palencia is the daughter of Maria and Guadalupe Palencia of David City. She has three siblings: Walter, Lester, and Jazmine. She is currently a member of FCCLA and has also joined the middle school track team. Vivian prides herself on being a good listener, leader, and her ability to cheer someone up. Her first reaction after being named Student of the Month was shock and then happy because she’s never been elected for something so important, she said.

“Even when I have my bad days, I try my best and never bring anyone else down by making them sad or mad at me.”

  • What is your favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day? My favorite part of St. Patrick’s Day is that we have to dress up in green. If we don’t we get pinched, making some people want to wear green next time.
  • What is your “lucky charm”? My lucky charm is a necklace I got as a baby. I usually don’t have it on when I play or do something, but it’s always somewhere where I can still touch it, like my shoe.


Freshman: Ashley Roemmich is the daughter of Stephanie and Aaron Roemmich of David City. Activities she is involved in include speech, band, and quiz bowl. When she’s not at school, Ashley enjoys spending time with her family, watching Netflix, and traveling.

Ashley said she was surprised when she found out she was chosen for Student of the Month, mostly because she was not expecting it.

“I think I was chosen for Student of the Month because of my positive attitude in the classroom, my work ethic, and my helpfulness,” Ashley said.

  • What is your favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day? I don’t really have a favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day. There isn’t much to celebrate.
  • What is your “lucky charm”? I don’t necessarily have a lucky charm. Hard work is the way to go.

Colin Horizontal

Sophomore: Colin Vandenberg is the son of John and Linda Vandenberg of David City. He is the brother to three siblings: Nolan, Dana, and Lauren. Colin is involved in soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and track.

“I was really proud and happy when I found out I was Student of the Month,” Colin said. “It is a big achievement to accomplish.”

Colin spends most of his free time driving around and hanging out with friends. He feels he is a leader in sports and in the classroom by helping underclassmen learn by being a positive example. Some other qualities Colin believes he possesses are that he is easy to get along with and that he has a good attitude.

  • What is your favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day? It’s in the same month as my birthday.
  • What is your “lucky charm”? The number 4.


Junior: Iris Prochaska is the daughter of Angie Frier of David City. She has four older brothers: Chance Gainer, Anthony Prochaska, Eugene Prochaska, and Riven Prochaska, and an older sister, Charity Busboom. Iris likes to stay involved in school by participating in activities, clubs, and organizations such as Yearbook, Speech, STAY-U, and One-Act.

Outside of school, Iris works at Pizza Hut in David City. She enjoys spending her free time helping at a camp by teaching art sessions. Iris also enjoys drawing, painting, gaming, watching anime, writing, and hanging out with friends. Some exceptional qualities Iris possesses include being respectful, having a positive attitude, not being judgmental, and accepting others because everyone is battling their own issues, she said.

“When I found out I was Student of the Month I was very happy, obviously. First thing that came to my head was, ‘My mom’s going to be so proud of me!’ My goal since the end of my freshman year was to become an even better person,” Iris said. “I felt like becoming Student of the Month gave me the sense of accomplishment.”

Iris said she always tries to be a positive role model for her niece and those around her. She always gives her best effort to pay attention, have a positive attitude, participate in group activities, and get her work done in school.

  • What is your favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day? My favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day would have to be the graham crackers we got at lunch. The frosting in them was a bright green, and I thought it was cute and also delicious.
  • What is your “lucky charm”? I don’t actually have something I consider a “lucky charm”; maybe I’ll get one.


Senior: Maya Peirce is the daughter of Larry and Angie Peirce of David City. Maya has one sister, Jana, who lives in Kansas, and one brother, Troy, who lives in Hastings. Maya is involved in multiple activities and organizations, including One-Act, Speech, Student Council, National Honor Society, and Scoop. Maya also keeps herself busy by working part-time at Dale’s Food Pride. In her free time, Maya likes to volunteer at the Bone Creek Art Museum.

When Maya’s not in school, she said she’s either at home watching T.V. or writing. Maya said she feels she is a good person because she likes to help people realize their potential and have confidence in themselves. One way Maya said she does this is by helping other people edit papers and improve their character.

“I think the teachers know which kids are putting their best foot forward in their activities and classes, and they just want to appreciate the kids who deserve this,” Maya said.

  • What is your favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day? I get to celebrate with my fellow short people: leprechauns!
  • What is your “lucky charm”? I have a gold-plated coin with Winston Churchill’s face on it from England. It was my grandpa’s and I took it with me to every Speech meet my sophomore year after he died, and even to State.