Musicians in the making

Sophomore Bethany Tebbe performs the percussion’s warm-up on the bass drum. Aside from percussion, Tebbe also challenges herself with piano, french horn, trumpet, and vocals.

Olivia Couch

Band and choir students at David City High School have worked to not only bring music to our ears, but to those all over Nebraska. With encouragement from Music Director Joe Albright, several students have auditioned for honor bands and choirs throughout the year at various Nebraska colleges.

So far, eight choir members and five band students have been accepted into four separate events for special musicians.

Sophomore Bethany Tebbe and junior Kylie Hascall attended the Concordia Honor Band and Choir. Tebbe was accepted for choir and Hascall for band. The three students of Tebbe, Hascall, and sophomore Brooke Bell were also accepted into the Doane Honor Band.

“I really enjoy it. No matter where you go, it’s always a fun experience,” Tebbe said.

The University of Nebraska at Kearney Honor Band and Choir consisted of Tebbe, seniors Matthew Lunde and Wesley Unger, and junior Dylon Vaught, with Unger being accepted for band.

However, the camp that racked in the most DCHS students was the Wayne State Honor Band and Choir Camp, as ten were accepted.  That team consisted of Bell, Hascall, Vaught, freshmen Bernita Lunde and Katleen Lashely, sophomore Will Heller, and seniors Brittney Randall, Autumn Giaffoglione, Sadee Jack, and Matthew Lunde.

“Throughout the clinic, students rehearse advanced repertoire which they then perform at a final concert with a large ensemble that is ideally balanced,” Albright said.  “These opportunities don’t arise in our ensembles very often.”

During these unique honor band and choir sessions, students often spend all day on a college campus, work with college music directors, and collaborate with other advanced music students.