FCCLA member sets his sights high


Kelsey P.

Sophomore Cole Martinez shows off his FCCLA State Officer application. State FCCLA Election will be held on April 4 in Lincoln, Neb.

Kelsey P.

Between school, sports, and activities, high school students have a lot to balance on a daily basis. One sophomore in particular at David City High School has an extra activity to focus on. Like normal day-to-day things aren’t enough to concentrate on, try obtaining the position of Vice President State Officer of Competitive Events to your list of things to do.

This is FCCLA member Cole Martinez’s first time running. Cole is the second member running in the district and the only David City FCCLA member running from his town.

“This is a great opportunity for Cole. Even though he’s young for running for a State Officer position, I think he’ll do fine,” Zegers said. “ He’s a capable young man. I am proud of him, and I can’t wait to find out if he gets the position he wanted.”

Cole said his parents are excited for him and are proud of him for trying new things and running. They are hoping this will launch his career and change the way he looks at FCCLA.

“I was so very happy to hear that he was running and am very proud of him for being the one who was representing his FCCLA Chapter,” Cole’s mom, Carol Martinez, said.

Cole said he wanted to become a State Officer because he wanted new opportunities and to do something to make a difference in his life. Being in FCCLA for three years, Cole said he wants to try something different and become more than just the Vice President for the David City FCCLA Chapter.

“I want to achieve a goal that I have had for two years. I also want to help other districts and travel to different states and encourage people to join FCCLA,” Cole said.  

Cole was working on his application and speech he had to present on Dec. 10. He also participated at Districts and competed in a test including trivia over FCCLA.

“During the test, I was really nervous. I didn’t know all of the questions or the information about FCCLA,” Cole said.  “We [Cole  and Zegers] figured out that there was a study guide, which we didn’t know about, so I was going in blind but I figured out most of them.”

State Election will take place in Lincoln, Neb., on Apr. 4. Following State Election, those who obtain positions will receive a letter on Apr. 11. Enclosed in the letter will be instructions for students to attend a meeting where they’ll receive directives on meeting the State Senator. Students will then travel from state to state to persuade others to join FCCLA. At the last meeting, all State Officers will get together and talk about changes for next year’s FCCLA.

“He’ll travel to district conferences, meet the Congressman, be more active with the State Advisor, have more scholarship opportunities, and further develop his leadership skills,” Zegers said.  

Cole has won multiple awards for his determination and hard work. He has placed top gold and silver at Districts, medaled gold and silver at State FCCLA, and was voted “Member of the Year” two years ago.

“Cole was very introverted and afraid to speak up and voice what he thought at the beginning of his freshman year,” Zegers said.

Zegers said Cole has become a vivacious, charismatic officer who has a deep passion for FCCLA and has grown throughout the years.

“I think FCCLA has helped me develop my leadership skills and grow as a person,” Cole said. “FCCLA has also helped me meet new people who have become my best friends and develop better relationships with my peers and teachers.”