One-Act hosts Districts, falls short to Schuyler

Courtesy Photo
Freshman Sidney Soukup, sophomore Brooke Bell, seniors Melea Birkel and Natalie Kirby, freshman Laurel Ockander, and senior Hannah Veskrna come together to play a game of hopscotch. Throughout the play, the children constantly made fun of Adelaide, the different one of the group (played by senior Maya Peirce, not pictured), as she did not fit in with the others.

Nicole Buntgen, Co-Editor

Attempting to end a four-year drought and return to State, the David City High School One-Act team fell short at its Class B-3 District competition hosted at home on Dec. 4, receiving runner-up behind Schuyler High School.

Despite the team not achieving the district title, 12 individual students from DCHS received their own awards for “Outstanding Performance”. Out of seven schools, a total of 60 awards were given to actors and actresses for superior acting. Those from David City’s “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” who received awards included sophomores Brooke Bell, Jackson Hardin, Will Heller, and Bethany Tebbe, juniors Nathan Kovar and Becca Meusch, and seniors Nicole Buntgen, Autumn Giaffoglione, Trisha Hruska, Matthew Lunde, Sabra Moore, Maya Peirce, and Anthony Tebbe.

In order to qualify for State, the winning team must receive the least amount of points from judges. District Champion Schuyler collected first, first, and third place rankings from the three judges, while District Runner-Up David City garnered first, second, and third, and 2014 State Champion York High School obtained second, second, and third.

“They [Schuyler] gave a solid performance; we couldn’t have done anything differently,” One-Act Coach Jarod Ockander said. “I thought that we clearly beat them [York], just as they clearly beat us last year.”

The season started at the annual Public Performance hosted in the DCHS Activities Center on Nov. 12. Following that was the Southern Nebraska Conference on Nov. 17 at Heartland, where the team came out victorious for the fifth year in a row.

“It’s a sign of positive progress, but it is just a regular season win,” Ockander said. “We have to get over the hump at Districts.”

From there, the team traveled to East Butler on Nov. 19 for their annual Butler County Arts Council performance with Aquinas and East Butler. The team then took the stage at Norfolk on Nov. 21 to add another win to their record.

“During the season, our overall attitude increased a lot. People had more respect for Mr. O, so that really pushed us to do better and really listen to what he was saying,” Giaffoglione said. “People were more focused and wanted to get things done the way they needed to so we could try to win Districts.”

As of right now, Ockander said he does not know when the One-Act will host their annual “Encore Performance”, their final presentation of the play that will take place at home.

“It’s always disappointing to end the season like this. I feel especially bad for the seniors, who poured their hearts into the year and into our production,” Ockander said. “This has been one of my favorite teams to coach. They stayed hungry and used each other to strive for perfection.”