Letter to the Editor


Amy Backstrom, DC Booster Club Treasurer

November 23, 2015

Dear Editors:


I can appreciate your feelings concerning Fall and Winter Sports Kickoffs.  I would like to clarify a few things that you mentioned in your Opinion column.

The David City Athletic Booster Club hosts the Kickoffs, not the school.  The Booster Club was formed to help with sports teams at the school.  We do not sponsor every NSAA-sanctioned activity in our school.  Band and choir, for example, have the Music Boosters.  The Music Booster Club was formed when parents saw a need to help the music department.  I know people feel like One-Act and Speech are purposely excluded, but that is not the case.  Maybe parents need to form a Fine Arts Booster Club.

If the Booster Club added activities to the groups that we support, we would have to include all activities—everything from journalism, to FFA, to FCCLA, to Film Club, etc.  Our organization does not have enough volunteers to do this.  Again, we are not trying to exclude but rather stay true to the original purpose of the group.  (Four Booster Club members organized and hosted the Winter Sports Kickoff.  This is not a complaint, just a fact that needs to be shared.)

My children have been involved in fine arts activities, so this is not a personal preference situation.  My son was in Mock Trial and my daughter is in Band. Neither are supported by the Booster Club nor should they be.  If Booster Club members want to change the philosophy of the organization, then it would take a group consensus to do this.  The current officers want to stick with the original purpose of The Booster Club.



Amy Backstrom

DC Booster Club Treasurer