November Students of the Month

Scoop Staff

Dylan Vodicka - edited

Seventh grade: Dylan Vodicka is the son of Jim and Julie Vodicka of Garrison. His oldest sibling, Daulton, is graduated from college, where his youngest, Daren, is in second grade and his sister, Dahlia, is a senior at DCHS. Dylan spends most of his free time playing with his little brother, occasionally competing in ping-pong and playing catch with his older brother. Dylan plays in many sports including football, basketball, track, and wrestling, having wrestled since he was in preschool. Outside of school, Dylan helps with his mom’s CCD class on Wednesdays after practice to take care of the kids.

The qualities that Dylan said he presents as a good person are his kindness, effort, and capacity for understanding others. He felt honored to be Student of the Month and views it as a recognition to be accomplished through grades, work habits, and activities outside of school. Dylan enjoys helping people improve their wrestling skills, even if it’s their first year, and keeping a positive, encouraging outlook on the football field.

  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Football. Usually the Iowa/Nebraska game falls around there, and that’s what my family always watches. Everyone gathers in the living room, like all thirty people.
  • What is your favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving? Obviously turkey for the main course, but for dessert? Pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top.

Daphne SoM

Eighth grade: Daphne Vizcarra-Navarro is the daughter of Erica and Jorge Garcia of David City. She has one sibling, sister, named Redina. Daphne is involved in volleyball, FCA, and is currently the leader of the Red House. Teachers have noticed many qualities in Daphne, such as her leadership, determination, willingness, respect, and work ethic.

Outside the classroom, Daphne said she helps her community by recycling, and strives to be a phenomenal role model for her sister. Daphne spends most of her free time in her extracurricular activities and helping her mom around the house with the household chores, playing with her sister, and doing homework.

When Daphne found out she was Student of the Month, her thoughts were “I am super excited! I have to to tell my mom; she would be so proud of me! I am super shocked but excited!”

  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? My family and me celebrating by going to friends’ houses, or my mom cooking. My mom and I bake Mexican foods along with turkey. Then, we eat, pray, and decorate the house as much as possible. Then [we] watch movies [as a family].
  • What is your favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving? Dinner rolls; Out of all of the food we eat, this is my favorite because I don’t eat a lot of Thanksgiving food. I don’t eat various foods that I like, except for the dinner rolls.

Allie edited

Freshman: Allie Daro is the daughter of Jessica Daro of David City. Activities Allie is involved in include volleyball, basketball, Platinum Dance, Desiree’s Dancers, and Butler County softball.  In her free time, Allie likes to practice sports,dance, or hang out with friends and watch Netflix.

Allie thinks she was chosen to be Student of the Month because she is an upbeat and positive person. She said enjoys helping her fellow classmates  and is always nice to everyone. Allie agrees that she can be stubborn at times, but it helps shape who she is.

  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Probably just eating at my grandparents’ house. I get to see all of my cousins and we have so much yummy food.
  • What is your favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving? My aunt’s peanut butter pie. It’s so delicious and rich and I love peanut butter.

Brooke Edited

Sophomore: Brooke Bell is the daughter of Joy Woita and Rodney Bell and sister to Kirsten Bell. She is involved in FFA, One Act, Speech, FCCLA, and Band. Depending on the time of year, Brooke spends a lot of her free time at school activities, but likes to spend it at home with family and friends.

Brooke feels she has good grades, is kind to both student and teachers, and is involved in various activities. Brooke says she is kind to others and willing to help people. She was glad and very thankful to be chosen to be this month’s Student of the Month.

  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? On the Friday after Thanksgiving the Durham Museum they have a Christmas tree lighting that my family always goes to. I look forward to it each year!
  • What is your favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving? Turkey.

Evan edit

Junior: Evan Forney is the son of Shawn Forney and Janine Dvorak. He has one older brother, Christian Forney, two older sisters, Celine and Maria Forney, and a younger sister, Jaelyn Dvorak. Evan likes to stay engaged in school by participating in activities, clubs, and organizations such as  National Honor Society, STAY-U, Zero-K, One-Act, Film Club, Quiz Bowl, Student Council, and  and being a student representative for the School Board. He is even President of the junior class.

Evan said he likes to encourage others and try his best in school everyday.He likes to spend his free time hanging out with his friends and watching Netflix. Some exceptional qualities he said he possesses are honesty, kindness, respect for others, and especially leadership.

“I give my peers words of encouragement and have leadership roles like being Class President and a student School Board member,” Evan said.

  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? I like getting together with my cousins. I have so many cousins and I barely ever have the chance to see them all during the year. We always have a blast on Thanksgiving playing different card games, especially pitch.
  • What is your favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving? My favorite food has always been the candied sweet potatoes. My aunt makes them perfectly.


Senior: Waleed Rehman is the son of Fazal and Gulfam Rehman of David City. Waleed has five sisters, including Zenab, Sumara, Adeela, Sara, and Haleema. Waleed is involved in many activities, including Speech, One-Act, Quiz Bowl, National Honor Society, Zero-K, FCCLA, STAY-U, and Yearbook.

Waleed said he was happy to find out he was Student of the Month, as he feels he does what is expected in every class. Waleed said he exemplifies his leadership skills by helping and motivating others to do their best. In his free time, Waleed enjoys reading news articles and gaming at home.

“I work hard in everything I do. I’m really competitive, especially with other people. Even if it’s just little things, that’s just how I am. I have to be the best in everything,” Waleed said.

  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? We go to my aunt’s house and my cousins come over and we just eat there.
  • What is your favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving? I like turkey because it’s a good source of protein. And it just tastes good.