Platinum Dancers participate in competition, take third

Renee Backstrom

Amy Sander
Amy Sander

Competing for their second consecutive year, the David City High School Platinum Dance Team traveled to Arlington High School on Nov. 21 and received third place in hip-hop.

Out of four teams, seven dances were performed. The Columbus Diamond Dancers brought two dances and came out with first in one dance and fourth in the other. Following them was Fremont, who brought one dance and took second. Along with their third place trophy, the Platinum Dancers also got fifth place in their kick routine. DC West came out in sixth place.

“The best part of the competition was when we got third!” senior Alesha Rethwisch said.

The goal of the competition is to see other schools that the dance team doesn’t normally get to see. It helps get an idea of what level other schools are at to compare to ours, Rethwisch said.

“It is good to have critiques so we know what we need to work on,” Sander said. “Getting an outside viewpoint and an honest opinion is also better for the team to have.”  

On the day of competition, the Platinum Dancers arrived at DCHS at 6:30 a.m. to get ready as a team in order to keep their look consistent for the performance.

“From my four years of being on the dance team, I have noticed that when we get ready together we perform better,” Rethwisch said. “We become unified and get to bond as a team when we all get prepared together.”

Due to the competition, the Platinum Dancers added extra practices along with their weekly morning practices to better prepare for the contest.

“It has been ongoing for the whole season so far, but we hit the dances we took hard so we were prepared for the competition,” Sander said.

Using the competition to their advantage, the Platinum Dancers will have many performances to show what they learned from the critiques.

“I am anxious to see the team perform at the basketball and wrestling events this season.  Performing on a different surface other than grass and in warmer temperatures could make a big difference in the performance,” Sander said.  “A few of the girls are choreographing new dances to showcase during the winter as well so the crowd will have something to look forward to.”