Column: Thanksgiving: A forgotten holiday or a lost society?

Kasey Stallbaum

ThanksgivingCartoon editedNicole Buntgen

Browsing media sites today I tend to see memes and posts about Christmas being right around the corner. Along with that, walking into Wal-mart is like walking into the North Pole. With trees going up, lights being strung, and presents being boughten, it seems that one important holiday between Halloween and Christmas is being forgotten. Thanksgiving.

Its seems as if Christmas is already here within a week of Halloween. In society today, Thanksgiving is brushed under the rug because there is no advertising for it.

The first Thanksgiving was held between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans after the Pilgrims first harvest was a success. In celebration, the Pilgrims had a feast and invited some nearby Native Americans that were now their allies. The following year, another celebration was held showing their excitement of the ended drought. The new tradition followed for many years and became an official holiday in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln as a day to give thanks.  

To me, Thanksgiving is a time for family to get together and enjoy the season and company of each other. With my family, we make a big deal of Thanksgiving because it is a chance for everyone to get together and to visit with family who is not always present. If it’s sitting around the table gobbling on a turkey dinner or just hanging out at home, it always seems as if something gets in the way of the true celebration of Thanksgiving.

In my family and in most, this interruption of Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. In the rush to buy the perfect gift at a reasonably low price, it always seems that this “tradition” of the holiday gets in the way. Black Friday is always heard and seen on the radio, TV and in magazines .

People tend to leave their family dinners and celebrations to stand outside of stores, gathered in a line. Is it really worth it? People do this so they can get gifts for Christmas, but the meaning of Christmas it is not about presents. Just like Thanksgiving, Christmas is meant to be spent with family and celebrating the history and true meaning of the holiday.

This Thanksgiving, sit back with family and enjoy a nice turkey dinner. Don’t stress about Black Friday or get caught up in the excitement of Christmas. Thanksgiving is about being thankful. What are you thankful for?